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Dualog services enable your digital strategy and ensure that your onboard ICT operates smoothly and creates value.

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Why Dualog?

Four reasons why more than 5000 ships in worldwide trade have chosen Dualog

Always online - always in business

We know the value of always being available and securing the delivery of business-critical information between ship and shore.

Strategic flexibility

We give you the freedom to choose the best technical services from different vendors. No lock-in, no hidden costs.

Challenging boundaries

We innovate and challenge the boundaries of technology to improve maritime business. The goal: to enhance and transform the experience of the business at sea.

Unbeatable support

Get the help you need when you need it, 24/7 - by email, chat or phone. If something goes wrong, we will fix it.

Torvald Klaveness Case Study:

How to be a safer, greener, and data-smart business

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Webinar: The powerful way to master all your ship-shore data transfer needs

Learn how Dualog® Drive helps shipping companies sync documents, distribute software updates, collect IoT data and move large files.

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Webinar: Developments in the cybersecurity threat landscape

Learn what has shaped the cybersecurity sector incl. live hacking

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Our purpose

We bring ship and shore closer

Robust, reliable, maritime email

Email is essential to modern businesses. Dualog Mail is built for maritime operations with smart solutions.

  • Robust
  • Secure
  • Easy to deploy

Cybersecure IT operations

With modern tools and always-on operations comes modern threats.

  • Detect & protect
  • Scan your IT enviroment
  • Reduce unwanted data traffic

Data collection and distribution

Collect and distribute data across fleet or ship groups.

  • Simplify the setup of complex file transfer tasks
  • Secure data flow
  • Full control of your data transfer activities in the cloud

Smart Internet - for better business and happy crew

In today's world, Internet access for your IT and OT systems is central to modern business.

  • Administer quota
  • Separate networks
  • Better web experience

Customer stories

Listen to what our customers say


Onboard managed internet is good for business.

Nils Otto Berntsen Bjørhovde – Head of Technical at Saga Shipholding (Norway) AS

Dualog Drive would simplify data collection and distribution tremendously. That means a lot.

Angelos Demetriou - IT Officer, Intership Navigation

Dualog is the solid, reliable and professional communication solution we were looking for our fleet.

Jörn Gäfke, Nautical / HSSEQ / DPA / dCSO - Auerbach Bereederung Hamburg
Holger Börchers

My life has become easier! — We had to replace numerous outdated systems with one reliable and future proof solution across the entire fleet. I needed one unified strategy to deal with data management and cybersecurity. I found that Dualog had a unique offering, and I can now focus on business improvements instead of problems.

Holger Börchers — IT Manager, Briese Schiffarhrt, Leer, Germany

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Data transfer

Collect and distribute data effortlessly between ship and shore

Dualog Drive is designed to tackle file move and synchronisation across fleet and fleet groups. Whether you need to distribute files one-to-many or many-to-one, the intuitive interface makes set up a breeze.

What to look for in an ICT system in shipping

How to select the best maritime enterprise software for your company

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World-class support

Our support department spans more than 15 dedicated and highly IT trained staff and one happy support robot, ready to help you sort out any problems should they occur.

Average response time phone

Average response time email

Customer satisfaction

One-touch resolution