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bring ship and shore closer?

Dualog provides a maritime digital platform which ensures that internet, email and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard.
We enable and optimise all the IT services and tools you need for efficient management of your vessels.

In today’s world, Internet access for your IT and OT systems is central to modern business. 

  • Administer quota
  • Separate networks
  • Better web experience

With modern tools and always-on operations comes modern threats. 

  • Detect & Protect
  • Scan your IT environment
  • Reduce unwanted data traffic

Email is essential to modern businesses.

  • Professional email built for maritime operations
  • In-depth reports and real-time overview
  • Private or company branded email accounts for crew

Collect and distribute data across fleet or ship groups.

  • Simplify setup of complex file transfer tasks
  • Secure data flow
  • Full control of your data transfer activities in the cloud

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Why Dualog?

Four reasons why more than 3500 ships have chosen Dualog

Always online - always in business

We know the value of always being available and securing the delivery of business-critical information between ship and shore. We continuously invest in robust and innovative services to optimise your business. Our solutions enable us to guarantee 99.5% system uptime to our customers. We reduce risk and provide predictability.

Challenging Boundaries

We innovate and challenge the boundaries of technology to improve maritime business. We constantly improve our services and solutions. The goal is to enhance the experience of the Internet at sea. No matter what your challenges are, our forward-thinking people will help you solve them.

Unbeatable support

We know the value of getting help when you need it. Therefore, we are available around the clock for any inquiry, by phone or email. Our people have extensive experience within the shipping industry. We provide continuous development, high-level competence, and predictability to our customers. If something goes wrong, we will fix it.

Strategic Flexibility

We give you the freedom to choose the best technical services from different vendors. You avoid being locked to only one vendor’s product selection and pricing. We are the neutral facilitator. We provide transparency and make sure there are no hidden costs.

Angelos Demetriou

Dualog Drive would simplify data collection and distribution tremendously. That means a lot.

Angelos Demetriou - IT Officer, Intership Navigation

Dualog is the solid, reliable and professional communication solution we were looking for our fleet.

Jörn Gäfke, Nautical / HSSEQ / DPA / dCSO - Auerbach Bereederung Hamburg

Onboard managed internet is good for business.

Nils Otto Bjoerhovde – Technical Manager Saga Shipholding (Norway) AS