Dualog® AntiVirus Distribution

Maritime optimised antivirus pattern distribution

Antivirus Protection to keep
email and files safe

Dualog® AV Distribution provides the maritime industry with automated and smart antivirus pattern distribution, ensuring updated AV patterns on onboard computers with minimal impact on bandwidth or data volume. The service is powered by the leading antivirus solution provider – ESET. 

PRODUCT: AV Distribution

Updated antivirus patterns

Keep your ships safe

Updated antivirus patterns are an essential security measure protecting ship systems from most viruses, malicious code, spyware, trojans, password stealers and other harmful code. The service keeps antivirus patterns up to date automatically with no manual procedures required after deployment, meaning less need for administration and support - and more security. 

Dualog Antivirus Distribution is subject to our Standard Terms and Conditions.


Keep data size small – and security-levels high

With Dualog® AV Distribution, transmission cost is kept at a minimum by ensuring small update files, efficient transport protocol and updates only sent once per ship before distributing to onboard computers. The service takes full advantage of advanced Dualog® transfer protocols to compress files and optimise bandwidth usage. Administrators receive an alert if patterns on individual computers are outdated, reducing the risk of viruses or other harmful code to affect onboard computers.

Full control

Reduce IT staff workload – enhance administrative control!

IT managers gain full control of antivirus status with reports per ship and computer available through the Dualog® Cloud administrative interface. Get at-a-glance views into system health and pattern definition date and to help resolve any security issues quicker.

Main features

Keeps the ship safe

Keeps the ship safe from most viruses, spyware, trojans, password stealers and other threats

Scans and cleans Internet traffic

Scans and cleans Internet traffic and email messages, even when SSL-encrypted

Automated pattern distribution

100% automated pattern distribution (transmission to ships and distribution to individual ship’s computers)

Updates distribution to ships

Updates distribution to ships does not require Internet access

Anti-virus status for each ship

Always updated status of antivirus software per ship and individual computers

No need for manual routines to perform updates
Minimised cost

Small update files, efficient transport protocol, updates only sent once per ship

Low resource usage

Anti-virus solution with low resource usage

Easy deployment
Full control

Antivirus status for each ship and onboard computer available through the Dualog® Cloud administrative interface

Less administration and support
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