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3 ways Dualog® Drive saves your shipping company time and money

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File transfer and data synchronisation across fleets and fleet groups are typically unreliable and risky – due to file-size constraints and expensive, limited bandwidth.

The Dualog® Drive transfer solution is designed to meet these maritime operations challenges. 

Let's examine three reasons why Dualog® Drive can help you avoid unnecessary delays and reduce the need for manual processes and expensive workarounds when data is transferred between shoreside offices and ships at sea, or vice versa.

1. Files and documentation can be shared faster between offices and vessels

Does your shipping company rely on email-based solutions to share documents and documentation between your office and your vessels? Then you know that email's limitations make sending large files cumbersome and time-consuming. 

In addition, trying to send large files from ship to shore by email can be a real struggle, especially if they are more than 50 MB in size. If you’re like most maritime shipping companies, you have to connect remotely to the vessel and transfer files manually. 50 MB of data can take hours to transfer. 

The transfer process usually ties IT staff members up for hours.  As a result, they're not doing work that adds value. 

With Dualog® Drive, you sit back and let the solution do all the work.  Whenever a transfer needs attention, you are immediately notified. This frees up a lot of time and improves productivity, which ultimately saves you money.

2. You no longer have to send physical devices to ships

In some cases, large files are too large for email or remote connection, so these have to be sent to the ship as DVDs or USB sticks by courier or regular mail. This is a cumbersome, slow and expensive method, especially for larger fleets.

Besides the time and energy spent preparing the DVD or USB, you have to pay shipping fees and agent handling fees. 

And as we all know, materials sent via a postal service around the world, from shore to ship and the other way around, can take months to arrive. Information is often outdated by that time. Sometimes materials do not clear customs. 

Dualog® Drive eliminates the need to send physical devices, as it allows you to easily transfer large files to your ships. No more waiting weeks for a DVD or USB stick to arrive, or not knowing if it will arrive at all...

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3. It makes your organisation more productive

Any shipping company must share important documentation across its fleet, such as safety documentation (SMS), certificates, circulars and IT documentation. For many companies, this is a struggle. 

If you’re a ship manager, for instance, you know the challenge all too well. You’re working on various types of documentation in SharePoint, and you need to share the most recent document updates with all vessels within your ship group. Sending this by email will take time, and you'll have to monitor the transfer to make sure it goes through successfully. 

This hassle goes away when you use Dualog® Drive. As the transfer solution integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, sites and folders can act as either sources or destinations. The solution will automatically transport documents to the correct location.


Here’s how simple it is: You add files to SharePoint folders just like always, and the platform acts as a data source for the whole fleet or group of vessels. When you make changes to documentation in a SharePoint folder, these changes are automatically transmitted to all vessels, every time, in the most efficient and fastest way possible. 

Dualog® Drive ensures that documentation is distributed via satellite on the right carriers, with data compression, and with automatic failover in case of network failure.

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Maritime data transfers become more manageable and more reliable with Dualog® Drive, enabling you and your staff to work smarter and be more productive. It saves time and opens up man-hours for other activities.

By using Dualog® Drive, you will avoid costly interruptions in ship operations due to faulty or unpredictable data delivery. Large files or complex folder structures can be replicated with minimal IT staff workload.

There is no doubt about the business value. When you can spend less time worrying about data transfer management and bandwidth bottlenecks, you can focus more on optimising and scaling your shipping company to become more competitive.

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3 ways Dualog® Drive saves your shipping company time and money
Written by Kyriakos Papapolydorou

Kyriakos Papapolydorou is currently the Regional Sales Manager for Dualog in Greece and Cyprus. He has won a reputation as an effective cooperative manager skilled in enlisting the support of all team members in aligning projects with organisational goals. He carries over 20 years of experience in sales, bringing a broad vision in planning, decision-making, and financials - with a keen eye for the particular challenges of maritime shipping. Born and raised in Cyprus, he completed undergraduate and graduate studies in the USA.

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