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How Dualog® Business Mail secures your fleet email

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Every year, the demise of email is predicted, but the numbers don’t support the claims: Worldwide, the number of email users is expected to climb to 2.9 billion by the end of 2020. That represents more than a third of the global population, or nearly 500 times the population of Norway or Singapore.

Although new forms of collaboration surface regularly, email remains the top communication tool for businesses - particularly across companies. This holds particularly true for shipping, where email is the primary platform for exchanging business-critical information between ship and shore.

As discussed in a previous blog article, email is the top vector for cyber threats against your ships. Cybercriminals are far more efficient at exploiting email than they are at infiltrating messaging apps and SMS-based communications.

To properly secure email traffic across your fleet in 2019, you need a multi-layered approach to email threat protection.

This can only be ensured using an enterprise-grade maritime email security system.

How does Dualog’s email system ensure a robust and secure email service on your ships?

Enter Dualog® Business Mail.


A robust, maritime-optimised email system with multilayered security

Dualog® Business Mail is a reliable and user-friendly email service designed to handle all your business mail requirements in a maritime operations environment. The email service works regardless of carrier or communication system onboard, and it is easily configurable to any number of email accounts.

Dualog Business Mail is 100% reliable and secure. If communication is down, you still have access to your email history. More importantly, the email system offers best-in-industry cybersecurity, so that you can send and receive email without having to worry about having malware, malicious attachments, spam and similar threats and annoyances clogging up your (probably already full!) inbox.

Powerful antivirus and spam filtering of messages from shore to ship / ship to ship means fewer distractions, fewer risks, and reduced costs.

So, how exactly does Dualog® Business Mail ensure always updated antivirus scanning? Let’s take a closer look at how it works in practice.


Dualog® Business Mail security checks all emails before your crew receives them

Let’s say someone onshore shoots an email to one of your deck officers at sea. Perhaps a buddy of his, who always sends messages with funny images or video clips. Does this email go straight from the guy onshore to your deck officer’s inbox?

No, that’s a recipe for malware disaster.

This is how emails are filtered through the Dualog email system before any of your crew members get them:

Messages destined for recipients on ships are subject to an ever-increasing (and increasingly diverse) number of security checks as they pass through various system components.

Step 1: Messages arriving from the Internet are checked first by the firewall. (These checks do not apply to messages between ships, because they do not arrive in Connection Suite from the internet.)

Step 2: Messages accepted by the firewall arrive at the front end mail servers, where they are checked for recipient legitimacy, virus content and SPF (sender policy framework).

Step 3: Messages accepted by the front end mail servers (or sent between ships) arrive at the main Dualog E-Mail Security Filter for antivirus, anti-SPAM and anti-phishing checks. The filter also performs the customer-specific action if there has been SPF failure (detected by the front end mail servers).

Step 4: Messages accepted by the Dualog E-Mail Security Filter are routed to the Dualog Connection Suite server for onward routing to the appropriate recipient(s) on ships(s) after size checks and data compression.

This multilayer filtering mechanism is the only way to stay ahead of sophisticated email-borne threats and make sure your crews do not fall victim to infected email messages that potentially end up compromising the entire ship network.

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Dualog offers a robust email system with multilayered security, specifically designed for the particular challenges of the maritime industry.

By using Dualog® Business Mail, all of your email will be scanned through the most secure filters to ensure they do not pose any threat to your digital infrastructure.


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How Dualog® Business Mail secures your fleet email
Written by Walter Hannemann, Product Manager

Walter Hannemann started his career in a computer factory product development laboratory in 1983, while taking his education in Electronics and Information Systems. Since then, his jobs have involved software architecture and development, infrastructure design and overall IT management, in both large enterprises and startups. With a passion for “making things work”, shipping applications and all digital things onboard ships became his interest after joining Maersk in 2008. Managing IT in large companies like Maersk Tankers and Torm has given him insider’s knowledge in the shipping industry and enticed his entrepreneurship to help moving the industry into the digital future. Based in Copenhagen as Product Manager for Dualog, Walter enjoys finding solutions for big (and small) problems while keeping the overview and a forward-looking approach, with deep dives in technical subjects when necessary – or possible.

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