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How Dualog improves maritime cybersecurity

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Dualog’s robust 360 approach to maritime cybersecurity provides the level of protection needed to ensure that your entire fleet stays connected – without compromising security and safety.

Two things happened in 2017 that brought cybersecurity to the forefront of the maritime industry. Maersk was hit by a devastating cyber attack caused by the NotPetya malware. Also, the IMO Guidelines on maritime cyber risk management was published, making cyber risk management onboard ships mandatory as of 1 January 2021.

Shipowners and managers have until this date to incorporate cyber risk management into their ISM Code safety management. After this, non-compliant ships risk being detained.

Ships need to be cyber secure, and they need to be able to document it.


Getting IMO compliant with cybersecurity certifications

How can you prove you are cyber secure – and thus comply with the new cybersecurity and safety regulations?

You need to produce an authorised certificate, offered by classification societies for ships, such as Bureau Veritas and American Bureau of Shipping (ABS). With a cybersecurity certificate in place, you can safely proclaim: “Yes, we are cyber secure, because this independent party has certified that we are.”

Dualog can solidify and safeguard your onboard digital security and move you towards cybersecurity certifications, at the same time improving your security to make business sense.

How do we improve cybersecurity at sea?


Dualog 360 Cybersecurity

As a digital platform provider that brings together Internet, cloud and email services under one space, Dualog has placed cybersecurity as a critical component in all the services we provide. We believe that by enabling our customers to deploy properly managed infrastructure, they are inherently much more secure and can adequately manage their systems.

We encourage our clients to keep their computers and systems up-to-date in our continuous collaboration with their IT departments and vessel management. We also enable better control of their IT assets by data traffic optimisation and visibility of their overall vessel infrastructure.


The new risk reality requires “best-of-breed” services

The Dualog Platform, with email, file transfer and internet services, is built to adhere to the highest standards of cyber resilience and security. State-of-the-art and redundant security services are incorporated into the core of our products, ensuring maximum uptime.

Reducing risk and providing predictability is at the heart of Dualog’s mantra of ‘Always online – Always in Business’, which is why operational and customer security remain firmly at the top of our day-to-day list of priorities.

Our all-encompassing, easy-to-implement cybersecurity services – spearheaded by our new service Dualog Protect – are designed to protect your vessels and their onboard networks and systems against potential cyber attacks, ensuring continuity of your operations.

The Dualog 360 Cybersecurity represents a robust, four-step approach to creating a more cyber-resilient shipboard environment:


1. Set your perimeter – detect and protect

Taking the right protection measures reduces the likelihood of your network and system vulnerabilities being exploited. Define restrictions on what type of content is allowed or blocked and add DNS-level protection to bring the risk of infection and potential loss of revenue to a minimum.


2. Scan your IT environment – keep your systems clean

Our services can help identify “already infected” onboard systems, machines and devices and ensure a safe digital environment. Use maritime-optimised virus distribution to ensure all ship computers are safe from viruses, spyware, trojans, password stealers and other threats. Thanks to our cloud-based infrastructure, the system is always up to date.


3. Set your policies straight – reduce unwanted data traffic

Easily create policies for what type of traffic and what apps and digital services are allowed on board. Optimise the use of your internet infrastructure and bandwidth capacity by creating company rules effectively reducing unwanted data traffic.


4. Know your people – and where they belong in your infrastructure

Ensure that your Internet connectivity is used for the purpose it’s been made available, ensuring business where it should be prioritised and crew welfare in a fair and controlled fashion. Know what devices belong to whom, and where they are allowed to connect. Moreover, all accounts are automatically managed directly from the crewing system, meaning full protection at zero effort.

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Dualog® Protect – the new cybersecurity standard

As the first line of defence in our holistic approach to maritime cybersecurity, Dualog Protect stops malware, ransomware, trojan and phishing attempts. By monitoring suspicious activity starting at the DNS level, the service blocks any unsafe or suspicious web pages before they can harm your IT infrastructure.

The service is easy to set up and configure to your requirements for what types of content you wish to block. You can even design company policies to allow only certain services or sites, and block others.

By setting up the extra layer of defence that Dualog Protect provides, you can drastically reduce the risk of cyber attacks hitting your ships.

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The advent of always-on satellite connections has become a key value driver in shipping. At the same time, it has exposed the industry to a whole host of new and evolving cybersecurity threats.

To avoid virtually being a sitting duck, you need to understand that the threat is real, and it is increasing.

Our wide range of cybersecurity services enables you to keep your information secure and ensure that your IT infrastructure is rock-solid.

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How Dualog improves maritime cybersecurity
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