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What's the value of maritime-specific software?

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Major advances in sensor technology and data storage capabilities are providing the maritime industry with new opportunities for utilising valuable data.

Abundant data streams arriving from all parts of the value chain play an increasingly pivotal role in improving the efficiency of shipping operations and optimising commercial performance.

How can you turn your fleet data into real business value?

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Harness the power of data

In many ways, data is the new gold of the shipping industry. Like gold, data is a commodity – but only when it is processed, analysed, and then turned into trusted intelligence. Data collected in isolation or at random has no value.

The real value of your data becomes apparent when you can derive insights from it and strategically integrate the data into your operations as part of your decision-making process.

Data in itself is fool’s gold, but actionable insight is pure gold.

However. to deliver this operational value, the data needs to be standardised, distributed across fleet or ship groups, and transferred from ship to shore.

This is where reliable, seamless Internet connectivity that guarantees the safe and secure flow of business traffic between ship and shore becomes a must-have.

Ship and shore must be brought closer together, i.e. digitally integrated.

So what is the crucial next step for you as a shipowner or operator?


Implement a digital platform onboard

In today’s maritime industry, the most cost-efficient and reliable way to ensure that valuable data makes it from ships at sea to fleet management systems onshore in a secure environment is to implement an agnostic digital platform onboard.

In an increasingly demanding industry, companies that establish a long-term digital strategy will get a unique competitive advantage, as they gain better control of their operations and keep costs down.

Investing in maritime-optimised services is the strategic business move that makes data-value creation possible, ultimately enabling you to deliver the supply chain efficiency and transparency that your clients have come to expect.

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ICT as a value driver

What's the value of maritime-specific software?
Written by Rune Larsen, Product Marketing Manager

Rune Larsen is Product Marketing Manager in Dualog. Educated in business strategy and marketing from the Arctic University of Norway, he has more than 25 years of experience in the creative industry, where he worked as a writer, consultant, graphic designer, and creative director in various advertising agencies and design studios. He's been orchestrating brand identity projects, design work and brand building campaigns for a wide range of organisations. He brings a passion for great design to the team, never compromising on the importance of the 'experience' part of UX. When not at the office, he enjoys hiking with his wife or is busy being a football coach for his youngest daughter. His fitness regime involves either running or cross-country skiing. Rune is an avid reader of business-related books, and he loves the occasional bottle of Barolo.

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