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Why Dualog is the right choice for your shipping company

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In a Maritime CEO Forum in Singapore, I attended a panel discussion on the current status of digitalisation in the shipping sector. My fellow panelists told the delegates that as far as adoption of technology is concerned, the shipping industry is anywhere from 30 to 500 years out of touch. 

If that is the case, then there’s definitely room for improvement!

What is beyond any doubt, is that challenges abound when it comes to maritime digitalisation and Internet at sea. Bandwidth is becoming more affordable, but it’s still quite limited. Cloud services are costly and impractical over a satellite connection. 

There are initiatives on the horizon that promise to significantly enhance maritime connectivity. This will bring bandwidth at sea several orders of magnitude better than the current expensive satellite options – but it will also call for cybersecurity to be a top priority. Cyber threats will not go away.

Why is Dualog the right enabler to help you address these pressing challenges?


Enabling your digital ship

Dualog provides airtime-independent, maritime-optimised software solutions to shipping companies of all trades and types. Essential for 4,500 vessels relying on our services today, is that we deliver innovative software, a proper 24/7 support, and rock-solid backbone infrastructure with industry-leading guaranteed uptime.

Let’s take a closer look at the services we offer. 

The Dualog solution combines the use of good crew services, such as email and quota management, with intelligent business services, such as file transfer, traffic optimisation and encryption, onboard antivirus distribution, and DNS blocking and filtering. Quality of service ensures that all parties involved get their correct business prioritisation and a fair share of available bandwidth. 

Deployment and configuration are low effort. While our support team is rated to be excellent, the need for support is steadily decreasing with each iteration of our products and services.

The onboard software is efficiently connected to Dualog's cloud service running on secure infrastructure with a long-time proven high reliability. Dualog knows that bandwidth at sea is scarce, and all communication with the cloud services is therefore highly optimised. 

All the Dualog services are integrated into a common user interface across all platforms – be it desktop or mobile devices, with reporting and alerts delivered where the business needs them.

In short, Dualog is the independent player and trusted partner helping shipowners, managers and other vendors digitalise their operations.


The business value for your shipping company: Implementing Dualog’s maritime-optimised services will help you maximise the business value of integrating your ships – with low up-front costs and minimal risk. The Dualog solution combines comprehensive functionality and configurability, and it’s user-friendly and easy to navigate. The Dualog solution will help you achieve better operational performance, by allowing you to efficiently manage data volume, prioritise data traffic and maximise data throughput. 

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Why Dualog?

Choosing Dualog is a strategic decision to help your company meet new requirements, better digitalise operations, take advantage of business opportunities, adapt to changes in your market, and ultimately become more profitable and financially sustainable during the digital transformation.


We help you tackle your company’s biggest challenges

Dualog is founded on the DNA of ‘Innovations at Sea, Delivered with Passion’, and has always been known as a company ready and able to meet any challenge a shipping company faces in day-to-day operations. Dualog constantly innovates and challenges the boundaries of technology to improve maritime business. No matter what your challenges are, our forward-thinking, solution-oriented teams will help you solve them. 


We make sure your fleet is always online and in business

We know the value of always being available and securing the delivery of business-critical information between ship and shore. We continuously invest in robust and innovative services to optimise your business. Our solutions enable us to guarantee 99.8% system uptime to our customers. We reduce risk and provide predictability.


We enable you with strategic flexibility

Many software vendors seek to lock customers into their offerings. The Dualog solution is designed to enable transparency and freedom to choose for shipowners and ship managers. This gives you the strategic flexibility to…

  • Retain independence, purchasing power and business control
  • At all times choose airtime, hardware and other software solutions best suited for current and future needs
  • Have standardisation across your fleet regardless of the airtime vendor
  • Avoid being locked to only one vendor’s product selection and pricing


We safeguard your vessel IT from the threat of cyber attacks

To tackle the new cyber threat reality, cybersecurity needs to be a cornerstone of your safety and security risk management. Firewalls and stand-alone antivirus services are not enough. The complex and persistent nature of modern-day cybercrime calls for constant monitoring and multiple layers of protection measures – built on top of resilient ICT infrastructure.

Cybersecurity is integral to all parts of the Dualog solution. We help you take the necessary steps to safeguard your fleet from current and emerging threats and vulnerabilities related to maritime digitalisation.


We help you become cybersecurity compliant

The IMO has given shipowners and operators until January 2021 to incorporate cyber risk into ships’ safety management systems. After this, non-compliant ships risk being detained.

By solidifying and safeguarding your onboard digital security, we can move you towards the cybersecurity certifications you need to be IMO compliant.


We have 26 years’ experience delivering software for the maritime industry

Dualog has been at the helm of digital solutions for maritime shipping since we founded our company in 1994. This means we know the ins and outs of the industry, and we are fluent in what a vessel must do to derive maximum value from its networks and systems.


We ensure easy service deployment

Dualog provides highly competent deployment and training services, simplifying and streamlining the entire process from pre-sales all through to full-on operational usage across your fleet.

Our extensive experience implementing software in shipboard infrastructures just like yours enables us to foresee common issues that similar shipping companies have dealt with before. This saves both shore staff and onboard crew several hours that they can dedicate to more pressing matters.


We continuously develop products and services that optimise your business

Dualog is renowned for challenging the boundaries of technology and spearheading maritime industry innovations. In 2016, we set up the subsidiary ‘Innovation Garage’, to deliver the highly innovative products and solutions that tomorrow’s shipping industry will need. The Innovation Garage team members are free to roam the technologies and come up with unorthodox ideas that they prototype and offer to Dualog as potential future products and services.

Our highly skilled in-house R&D team works diligently to create new and value-adding services. Your unique needs and requirements as a customer are integral to our innovative drive.   

To sum up: Using the Dualog solution across your fleet ensures optimised use of your communication infrastructure, adding real business value. Our services, designed specifically to address the challenges of vessel connectivity, will help you establish a strategic digital leadership and become more efficient, competitive and compliant in all aspects of your business. 


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“Being conceived on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, we have consistently challenged the limits of technology to improve maritime business.”

– Morten Lind-Olsen, CEO


The strategic partner to enable and secure your digital transformation

Embracing a digital future will turn your challenges into opportunities and help your company become more competitive and profitable. The services offered by Dualog will help you enable your digital strategy independent from the various connectivity providers.

Your operations at sea are reliant on secure ship-to-shore transfer of data. Dualog’s set of agile software solutions tailor-made for the digital ship will allow you to extract the business value of maritime digitalisation, by simplifying, streamlining and safeguarding your digital shipping operations and providing a continuous link between ship and shore.


A strong enabler gives you the best return on your investment

Decisions in the shipping industry are being made at an ever-increasing pace. The industry is demanding more data and more analysis, and Dualog is at the forefront of this new evolution to drive shipping to a more highly efficient and integrated future. 

More importantly, the Dualog solution puts your company squarely at the forefront, enabling you to make the right decisions at the right time, in turn contributing to your continued growth.

Committing to a technology partner is a long-term investment for your company, and you’re trusting the vendor with a vital part of your business process. Choosing Dualog will give you the long-standing partnership that enables you to realise your digital strategy, propelling your business beyond the competition.


Building a business case for choosing Dualog


Why Dualog is the right choice for your shipping company
Written by Morten Lind-Olsen, CEO

Morten Lind-Olsen has been the CEO for Dualog since 1998, and he brings decades of international experience from the communications and software industry. Morten holds a degree in IT and Communications from the Arctic University, and he is renowned for his customer-driven leadership. Through technological innovations at sea, Morten and Dualog have constantly been aiming to bring ship and shore closer. The Dualog Digital Platform at Sea is currently on board more than 3,000 ships worldwide, and Dualog has been a key contributor to the process of digitalisation within shipping.

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