Dualog® Business Mail

A robust, maritime optimised email service

Dualog® Business Mail is a reliable and user-friendly email service designed to handle all your business mail requirements. The mail service works regardless of carrier or communication system and is easily configurable to any number of email accounts. Users have access to their email history even when communication is down. 


Unlimited email accounts

With Dualog® Business Mail it's simple to set up standardised email addresses for all employees. An unlimited number of email accounts per fleet ensures excellent scalability. Automatically updated distribution lists streamline company communication. 

Fine-tuned configuration - comprehensive reports

Full control of email

Dualog® Business Mail allows companies to set individual size limits for each user and carrier, giving a prioritised and controlled email flow. The vessel side software is configurable from anywhere, and our web portal gives complete access to all communication sessions, data transfer statistics and history. Management reports give an in-depth overview of the fleet status and help companies make qualified decisions based on real-time data. If communication is down, users can still read their email history. The service utilises automatic compression and decompression of all transferred data to reduce airtime costs. 


Choose your email domain

The service makes it easy to set up email addresses with your specific domain. There is also the option to create your subdomains to allow for any corporate configuration or policy. 

Modern webmail

Accessible through webmail in your browser

Log into Dualog® Business Mail through your standard web browser and enjoy all the functionality you've come to expect from modern email clients. Receive emails or create new messages just like you are used to doing. 

Avoid malware

Powerful spam filters

Dualog® Business Mail relies on the world-class capability of the Dualog Cloud® environment to ensure always updated antivirus scanning to minimise and prevent viruses and spam from filling up your inbox. That means fewer distractions, reduced costs and fewer risks.  



  • Mail server connects via all standard protocols including SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 and LDAP  
  • SMTP Relay to support external mail server on board 
  • Automatic compression of all transferred data  
  • Sophisticated protocols and rule-sets optimises bandwidth usage across communication channels  
  • Webmail interface with great functionality 
  • Supports any number of users/e-mail accounts per ship 
  • Maintains service to/from all on board e-mail user accounts via all communication carriers 
  • Each ship’s mail store is on board and therefore available irrespective of the external (communication equipment) connection status 
  • 10 GB free of charge shore message archive (Dualog managed and operated) 
  • Company’s choice of e-mail domain(s) 
  • Antivirus and spam filtering of messages from shore to ship/ship to ship 
  • Breakpoint restart (in case of circuit drop/switch during data transfer) 
  • Filtering mechanism in both directions for effective cost control 
  • Ships’ connections and message transfer statistics available via Dualog® Cloud 
  • Fax, Telex and SMS services