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Work from wherever you want

Work from wherever you want. Tromsø, Oslo, Singapore, Hamburg, Liverpool, Athens, Tokyo - or anywhere else.

Want to become part of an agile company in the complex maritime industry? Want to help modernise shipping and fisheries? You can do this in an innovative and inclusive environment where we keep the customer in focus.

Helping the maritime industry companies evolve with better IT solutions requires empathy, passion, and tenacity.

In Dualog, we focus on helping our customers realise their challenges and pains. This needs empathy. We create solid and secure software that addresses their pains. This needs passion. The industry is conservative and slow to change. This is why tenacity is key.

Dualog has been in the game since 1994. We've been at the forefront, innovating ship-shore communication and helping customers get more out of IT.

The speed of progress in maritime is picking up. And we run faster.In the past few years, we have ramped up our innovation speed. We created our very own innovation garage, launched several major products, and upgraded our solutions faster than ever before. We have adopted agile development methodologies, focus on apps, cloud solutions, and Open Source. Development work hand-in-hand with Operations in a practical DevOps fashion. Our Support is often referred to as the best in the industry. We're direct and cut to the core of the issues at hand.

As a tightly integrated company, Sales work together with Support, Operations and Support are tight, Development, QA, and Operations are close, and Management is a thin layer that is hands-on.

Sure, we have our challenges. It's sometimes tough to fuse very different cultures across the globe. Business is handled quite differently in Norway and Singapore. We know this and continually work to bridge the gaps and use each culture's strengths.

Being so focused on the customers, we tend to travel a lot, especially the people working in marketing, sales, and deployment. We attend conferences, travel to customers and their ships, and keep in sync with what's moving in the market.Enough of the general introduction. Let's hear how it is to work in Dualog from our employees:


DarrenI have been working in Dualog for 8 years and the reason I continue working in Dualog is the work environment –especially the culture. Having a flat organisation structure enables me to voice my needs and concerns freely to our management. The different teams that I work with has a positive attitude that positively affected me. There is so much to learn and I never get bored.

(Darren Ho, Problem Solving Manager)


Mikael-Support-(1)_400x400-1Dualog is to me a fast-paced and rapidly changing company with very little bureaucracy. We're constantly challenging the status quo of software on ships, and it's extremely interesting to be a part of. I think in order to succeed in Dualog you have to be innovative and a have a desire to build the best possible solution for our customers. 

(Mikael Johannessen, Automation Guru)


andreav2No one day is like another, it is a fast-paced environment that keeps us constantly on our toes! It's like doing bungee jumping for the first time...daily!

(Andrea Giglietti, Customer Success Sensei)


ShunPeople and the working environment are terrific, especially if an individual is fresh out of school.

Dualog is a flexible company that does not fixate on SOP, SLA, or standard hierarchy processes –as long as you get the job done appropriately and professionally, you’ll do great. Management takes in feedback on the products and is willing to improve or adapt accordingly.

(Yong Shun, Trouble Shooter Marksman)


Vivi-1-2Working at Dualog means opportunities, both in personal growth and in mindset. You get challenges on a silver plate, and it is your own responsibility to perform.

It is exciting to work from arctic environment but still be a part of a global industry.

I have been working for almost 13 years in the same position and my workday is changing all the time, so it never gets boring. Technology and shipping are moving really fast and you need to be ready to follow.

(Vivi-Anne Skogeng, Administrative Spider Woman)



Working in Dualog is super-fun. I love collaborating in such a happy team.

(Yngve Hals Nyheim, Code Zen Monk)


Jeanett-1Working in Dualog is evolving, meaningful and very fun.

If you have initiative and self-drive, the possibilities are endless. Anyone, no matter the position, can propose solutions and meaningful changes if it creates value for our customers or for the organisation.

Working in Dualog comes with a lot of freedom, but also a big responsibility. It requires that you are your own boss, that you are structured and that you ask for help when you need it.

In Dualog you will also have great colleagues who will contribute to your development in the organisation as well as being a really good friend.

(Jeanette Veibakken, Fish lover & Commercial Manager Fisheries)




To learn more about working at Dualog go to our careers page.


Work from wherever you want
Written by Ole Kristian Valvåg

Ole Kristian Valvåg is Chief Financial Officer at Dualog since 2005. Ole Kristian manages the company's overall operation and is always looking for ways to create more value for our customers. According to Ole Kristian, one of the most important things is to have a happy, passionate, and smart team.

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