New updates and improvements to our products.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work

Account multiselector :juggling:
CS user administration is one of the most common tasks in the portal, and we're dedicated to making it as simple as possible. You can now select multiple users in CS Accounts and CS Groups to do bulk operations to them.
 Other improvements:
  • Access: Added 1 000 separator on CS Account store number
  • Mail: Fixed an issue where the 'to' date could be set later than the 'from' date in searches
  • Mail: Added logic to remove selection after doing an action on the selection in Quarantine
  • General: Fixed a cosmetic issue in OTA updates in Firefox
  • General: Added ability to exit modals by clicking anywhere outside it

We're not in a world of information overload, we're in a world of filter failure

Filters :coffee:
People love filtering things, be it their morning coffee or their firewall rules. We have now added filters to firewall rules and more filtering options to email searches. At the same time we have done some minor tweaks to the filters to better handle empty lists.
IMAP Backup history :older_man:
You can now go back in time to look at older IMAP and start pack backups. Check it out under the CS Ship Setup
Member role explanation :people_holding_hands:
We added some more help text to make it easier to assign the right roles to your colleagues under the Organisation page.
 Other improvements:
  • CS Ship Settings: Fixed an issue where a new GSM router type equipment would act as a dialup carrier
  • CS Account settings: Added loading state to the submit button when creating a new group. This should prevent impatient people from accidentally creating multiple groups.
  • CS account settings: Fixed a bug where you got an error message when removing a forwarding address
  • Email: Improved some copywriting under Email delivery to make the feature behavior clearer
  • Email: Fixed a bug where an email search would fail if the to and from times selected were the exact same minute
  • Email: Improved behavior when scaling down the width of the search page
  • Email: Improved flow when selecting many emails to resend, making the system untick all ticked messages
  • Email: Changed maximum email filter size to 25MB
  • Email: You can now filter on sender and receiver in the email search
  • Access: Removed limitation of 200 rows in the reports
  • Access: Fixed an issue where you'd get a token issued failure in the config error report
  • Access: Fixed an error when no config was assigned for an organisation
  • General: Added time zone to connection log
  • General: Improved filters to better handle empty options
  • General: The connection log now automagically understands which platforms are installed on the ship, and shows you the most relevant one first
  • General: Fixed an issue where a link on the /downloads page was broken
  • General: Removed disabled ships from the connection panel

The biggest room in the world is the room for improvement

Security enhancements :lock:
We've fixed numerous security issues the past week, you can see more details on these below. Multiple of these were reported through our Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

Faster searches :fast_forward:
A lot of effort has been spent on optimizing email searches and quota searches to make it faster to get to the information you want to see. We see great improvements on these, and will continue our effort to improve the speed of all parts of the portal.

Other improvements:
  • General: Added a single-selection list component to the design system
  • General: Fixed an issue where the front-end would endlessly load if the API returned a HTTP 400 error
  • General: Enhanced front-end validators throughout the portal
  • General: Updated the information in the connection log export
  • Email: Changed some description texts
  • Email: Updated styling for email headers in quarantined detail modal
  • Email: Fixed an issue where the number of accounts in internal ship limits would show 0 instead of the actual amount
  • File Transfer: added multiple visual adjustments to the UI
  • File Transfer: Fixed an issue where the file transfer report would not show correct information
  • File Transfer: Fixed an issue where the file transfer would show epoch time for a column
  • File Transfer: Improved path validation in tasks
  • Network Control: Added protocol to the IP report
  • Network Control: Fixed an issue where columns were not aligned in the IP report in Firefox
  • Network Control: Fixed a visual bug where content wouldn't scale properly in HTTP Proxy
  • Quota: Fixed a visual bugs in the quota volume report
  • Quota: Fixed an issue where the transaction report would sometimes not load
  • Access: Removed limit of only showing the last 200 items in application logins
  • Security: Added stricter CORS headers
  • Security: Added stricter validation to multiple areas like username, display name, organisation name, etc. to prevent abuse
  • Security: Fixed an security issue where email addresses could be confirmed without needing the email validation link
  • Security: Removed 'via' header from proxy server response
  • Security: Removed token return value in API when inviting a user to an organisation
  • CS Ship Settings: Fixed front-end validation in the GPS position update interval
  • CS Ship Settings: Fixed a bug where the GPS settings wouldn't scale properly when reducing window width
  • CS Ship Settings: Fixed a bug where you couldn't select the equipment to use if you choose a pre-configured equipment
  • CS Ship Settings: Fixed a bug where the comm equipment wouldn't show properly when creating a new equipment and when editing an existing one
  • CS Ship Settings: Removed equipment type WiFi

Dig into your network traffic

IP Report :scroll:
You can now extract an IP report through Network Control to get detailed network traffic information from ships.
 Other improvements:
  • General: Fixed some visual bugs in the backup settings
  • Email: Updated the visual look of the 'blocked senders' modal to better handle long lists of blocked senders
  • Email: Fixed a bug where you couldn't search within the filters
  • Email: The spam score limits have been modified to correctly reflect the hard limits from MailDefence
  • CS Accounts: Fixed an issue where the API allowed to connect a crew account to a ship
  • CS Ships: Added better API validation for ship creations

Flows, flows, and more flows

Improved onboarding flow :guide_dog:
New users will now be met by a much more cleaner view when signing up for the portal explaining to them the crossroad of either creating a new organisation or requesting an invite to an existing one
Improved account creation flow :person_with_blond_hair:
The Connection Suite account creation flow has been redesigned, allowing you to complete the job in one go. This should make it significantly faster and easier to create crew accounts.
Antivirus changes :microbe:
We've done some bigger quality of life improvements to the antivirus service. You can now delete clients that are no longer needed, whereas before you could only disable them. You can now also re-send an antivirus update if the client for whatever reason was unable to receive the update.
Other improvements:
  • General: Redesigned the status logic to more accurately represent the status of a connection
  • General: Fixed a bug where the graphics in the connection log would not display properly in Firefox
  • General: Updated the basic table component to make it feel less "clickable"
  • General: Made the interactive filter chip surface area bigger
  • General: Added scrollbars to modals with cropped content to indicate more content
  • Antivirus: Improved handling of very long ship names in the 'select ship' view
  • Antivirus: Improved truncation of version numbers
  • Access: Added alphabetical sorting of ships in application login filter
  • Network Control: Improved the firewall rules list to show more information
  • Mail: Text changes to MailDefence link
  • Mail: Modified the maximum spam score quarantine values to more accurately reflect the MailDefence limits
  • Mail: Fixed an issue where message resending would sometimes fail
  • Mail: Fixed an issue where the status of sent messages would not properly display
  • CS Accounts: Added a fix to prevent Chrome from suggesting you save a password when changing someone's password
  • CS Accounts: Fixed an issue where the account list in the quick switcher would not update when changing organisation
  • CS Ship setup: Fixed a bug where the start pack would sometimes download as a zip file

Copy all the ships!

Ship Backups :inbox_tray:
You can now configure IMAP and start pack backups in the Portal. The feature can be accessed in the ship settings page.
Copy Ship improvements :ship: --> :ship:
Further improvements and bug fixes have been made to the copy ship functionality to make it easier to create new ships. There are now better empty states and a lot of visual corrections.
Export antivirus status :mag_right:
You can now export the organisation's antivirus status through the 'export to CSV' button. This lets you share the report with others or work on it in a tool like Excel.
 Other improvements:
  • General: Added hover-state to gateway names in connection log to display the full name
  • Network Control: The overview list is now sorted by difference by default
  • Ship Settings: Fixed a bug when editing GPS settings
  • Account settings: Fixed a bug where account creations would sometimes fail

Dig into your connections

Connection log :female-detective:
The right-hand connectivity panel now lets you click on a ship to bring up a detailed connection log for both Connection Suite and the Link platform. This enables users to do a more thorough investigation on connectivity issues, a key function in the old interface.
Copy ship available to customers:ship: --> :ship:
The Copy Ship functionality is now available for all customers, allowing users to fully create their own ships. This task previously had to be done by Support.
Config for quarantine spam score :incoming_envelope:
Customers will be able to tailor the spam score setting to their ships, enabling you to configure the spam filters to be more strict or more lenient than the default. Potential spam will then enter the quarantine to be manually released to the end user.
Note: The backend is not fully in place for this, so while users can configure the limits, it will not have any impact yet.
Keyboard navigation improvements :keyboard:
A lot of improvements have been made throughout the portal to improve keyboard navigation both in components (like lists) and throughout the pages themselves. This is an important step in accessibility in the Dualog Portal.
Other improvements:
  • General: Added antivirus and other Connection Suite download links in the /downloads page
  • General: Minor cosmetic changes to the /downloads page
  • General: Changed page titles to 'Dualog Portal'
  • General: Changed login page text to 'Welcome to the Dualog Portal'
  • General: Added ship carrier enabled/disabled status to the copy ship functionality
  • CS Ship carriers: Fixed a bug where it would sometimes show duplicate communication equipment
  • CS Ship carriers: Added criteria to only show Fleet Broadband related config when configuring a Fleet Broadband terminal
  • CS accounts: Significantly improved the loading of 'Current hires'
  • File Transfer: Fixed an issue where some ships would not show up in the File Transfer listing
  • Drive: Added more filtering options in the activity monitor
  • Protect: Minor cosmetic changes to hover-states and text truncation in lists
  • Email: Changed the server setting counts to not include office installations
  • Email: Fixed a bug where the size restriction legacy settings would sometimes default to the year 1899 when setting up a new filter
  • Network Control: The Network Control landing page now sorts the data usage table on 'difference', making it easier to see discrepancies.

There is more to life than simply increasing its speed

Copy ship improvements :ship: --> :ship:
Several improvements have been made to the copy ship functionality to make it more robust. There are now more sanity checks and settings that are copied over.
Performance enhancements :racing_car: :fire:
The team has made a lot of tweaks and enhancements on the web app itself over the past weeks, which will result in faster loading of the web app and hopefully a better experience using the portal
Improved loading states :hourglass_flowing_sand:
Sometimes the browser needs to wait for the backend to fetch some information. We've made further enhancements to the loading states throughout to make this wait a tad bit more pleasing.
 Other changes:
  • General - Fixed some visual bugs in the dark theme
  • General - Fixed an issue where sometimes the site wouldn't let you log out
  • Email - fixed a small bug when editing external addresses in distribution lists
  • Email - Fixed a HTTP 500 error when sometimes editing the quarantine settings
  • CS accounts - fixed bug where domain wasn't displayed correctly when editing an account
  • CS accounts - Fixed a bug where the buttons didn't scale correctly when reducing the window width

Hello darkness my old friend

Copy ship :ship: --> :ship:
The functionality previously only accessible for Dualog staff for copying another ship has been brought into the new portal with an improved user experience. The functionality is limited to Dualog staff while some bugs and API validation is added, then it will be made available to customers later.
Dark mode :santa::gift_heart:
There's now a beautiful dark mode in the portal. The portal will by default automagically use the same dark/light theme as your OS, and you can also set it manually under your profile settings. A Christmas present from the product team to our colleagues and users
Security fixes :lock:
Added best practice security headers to more places, in addition to inside the portal itself from the previous week.
 Other improvements:
  • General: Added skeleton loading states to cards in Protect, Access, and Email and improved the text breaking to never break into a new line on the cards
  • General: Gave Dualog users ability to invite users to organisations (this was previously only possible for the 'owner' role)
  • General: Fixed some pages where data wasn't correctly replaced when switching organisations
  • General: Fixed an issue where protect config requests were sent inside other services
  • CS settings: Prevent users from accidentally closing the alias tab when clicking outside it
  • CS settings: Fixed a bug where the server would sometimes return a HTTP 500 when adding a new alias
  • CS settings: Added missing webmail permission
  • Drive: Updated the filter in the lists to use the new filter component
  • Access: Added ability to filter on success and failed logins
  • Access: Fixed a bug where the 'success' option would sometimes disappear from the filter
  • Protect: Fixed a cosmetic issue where the column width wasn't wide enough to show 'content category' as the block reason
  • Antivirus: Changed the empty state on outdated clients to be more correct
  • Network Control: Fixed a bug where the priority on a rule would sometimes display a number instead of low, medium, or high
  • Menu: Added alphabetical sorting of services
  • Menu: Fixed a bug where smaller screens couldn't scroll down to account settings
  • Installations: Changed the success message when triggering an OTA from saying 'installations updated' to 'update initalised'

Buttery smooth

Cloud Connection Panel :cloud:
You can now see the online status for all your ships. This is a pane in the top right that has replaced the previous user settings that was there.
Menu changes :page_with_curl:
The menu has gotten some visual changes. We now use icons on the services to make it easier to differentiate them, we removed the registered trademark on service names, and slightly modified them.
Moved user settings :person_in_tuxedo:
The user settings has been moved to the bottom of the left hand menu.
Landing page service card changes :butter:
The cards on the landing page have gotten some love and care. They now look visually slightly different if you don't use the service, and they've gotten a beautiful skeleton state to make it visually appealing while it's fetching data from the backend. Loading the landing page is now smooth as butter!
Navigation improvements :placard:
The loading when you're changing between pages/services/organisations has gotten a huge lift. When you switch between services it now feels much more fluid, and switching between organisations feels "heavier" in that we've added a more clear loading animation.
Welcome-modal for new services :wave:
You will now be greeted by a welcome-modal if you try to access a service you don't currently use. This will guide you to educational content on to help you better understand how the service might give you value. (ps: check out the animated service logos in these modals!)
Make users refresh when there's a release :arrows_clockwise:
With the increased amount of releases (sometimes multiple per day), there will be users actively using the site when we release a new version. We now prompt users to refresh the page when there's a new version of the site pushed to production.
Security enhancements :lock:
We've added some best-practice headers from the server response that should to increase security, as well as removed some. We have also removed the use of CDN for font and CSS-, JS-libraries. This is ongoing work, and more will be done in the near future.
Other changes:
  • Installations: Improved the visuals of the 'update' modal and added a select all button
  • Installations: Fixed a bug where the mapping of available updates from the API failed, resulting in an empty list of updates
  • Downloads: Changed the link to download Connection Suite to download Connection Suite 3.0
  • Access: Fixed the card layout to be identical to Protect
  • Landing Page: Fixed a bug where the landing page didn't show the number of configuration errors for Access
  • Landing Page: Changed the Email card to not trigger the flashing red alert when there are pending messages
  • CS Accounts: Added changes to prevent the browser from asking you to save the new password when you change an account password. This is challenging to fix, so we're not confident it's permanently resolved.
  • CS Groups: Fixed a bug where you got an error if you set 'email retention period' to blank
  • Mail: Modified a SQL that sometimes failed for pending messages
  • Mail: Added a confirmation modal for releasing quarantined messages
  • Infrastructure: Upgraded to Angular 11
  • Protect: Fixed an issue where the column width of 'count' was so small it truncated the word 'count' in C2 requests
  • Network Control: Fixed a bug where we incorrectly displayed some deleted rules in the firewall settings