Dualog® Crew Connection App

Controlled onboard internet access for crew*

 *Requires Dualog Connection Suite Ship 

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Dualog Crew Connection App is for connecting to Dualog® Connection Suite™ Ship software when used onboard a ship with the service enabled. It provides authentication and internet usage control.


Dualog® Connection Suite

Dualog® Connection Suite is a maritime digital platform which ensures that internet, email and cloud services work reliably and securely onboard. Connection Suite is independent of specific airtime providers and specific communication equipment. Our ship software Connection Suite Ship acts as a "middleware" between user applications and the ship's infrastructure. Amongst other services, Dualog® Connection Suite includes Crew Email and Crew Surf.


Crew Email

Crew Email is an email system tailored for maritime use, providing private email accounts for individual crew members regardless of the communication equipment onboard. Crew details are updated and distributed automatically from the Crew Management System to all vessels. To save data, email is only sent to the ship if the crew member is registered on board (all emails are always available from Connection Suite Cloud).


Crew Surf

Crew Surf provides crewmembers with optimised internet access. The crew can monitor their own data usage and buy more Internet data on a self-serve basis (depending on vessel managers configuration). Management has control over individual users, data volume and types Internet services accessible.


Account Management

Crew accounts can be managed automatically from the crewing system, generating zero administration efforts. Charges with sold additional quota can also be deducted from salary automatically.

Key elements of Dualog® Connection Suite™ Crew Services are
Fair allocation of data capacity onboard

Fair allocation of data capacity onboard, by management assigning each crew member a data volume (Mbyte) quota per month or week or day. There might also be a time limit per day, as well as the possibility of buying additional data. This app allows the individual crew member to monitor data usage, providing full visibility and control over his quota.

Quota allocation and email access

Quota allocation and email access require each crew member to use his/her credentials (email and password) provided by management. This app makes it simple to use these credentials to logon and logoff mobile devices from Dualog® Connection Suite™ Ship.

Dualog® Connection Suite™ Crew Email

Dualog® Connection Suite™ Crew Email can be accessed directly from within the app when onboard.

This app does not work in isolation and does not have in-app purchases. 


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Dualog Crew Connection App