Dualog® Crew Email

Maritime Email

A zero admin crew email solution

Dualog® Crew Email is an email system tailored for maritime use. This service provides private email accounts for individual crew members regardless of the communication equipment onboard. Crew details are updated and distributed automatically from the Crew Management System to all vessels – this is a zero administration solution.

To save data, email is only sent to the ship if the crew member is registered on board.

Whenever a crew member is on leave (at home or elsewhere) or finds Internet access in a port, his / her private email is globally accessible at Dualog's Customer Portal.

This is a key feature that enables the crew accounts to roam between ships without requiring the messages to be downloaded to all the ships in the fleet.

The email account follows the crew member wherever he / she is and represents a convenient single point of contact for family, friends and his / her employer.

Dualog® Crew Email takes advantage of all communication features in Connection Suite to provide maximum access while minimising cost.

Customer values - Brief Summary
  • Zero admin - integrated with company Crew Management System
  • Company email address for all crew members
  • Available on board or from home

Be aware of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, chapter B3.1.11.4 recommending IT Services to seafarers. See pages 50 and 51 in the document which you may find here: wcms_090250.pdf.

Main features

Private, zero administration maritime email
Login with Crew Credentials

See automated method for distribution of crew details to the fleet

Web e-mail client enabling

Includes Web (HTTP) e-mail client enabling (if permitted) access from any networked computer on board

Crew can create own message folders
Crew keeps the same email address regardless of ship assignment
Dualog Address Book

The global Dualog Address Book allows each user to store and access his / her contacts’ details from anywhere

Shore-based user administration (if required)

Modifications are replicated automatically to ships

Minimised communication cost

Communication and compression features within Dualog Connection Suite minimise communication cost

Cost control and size control

Cost control and size control (filters etc). Users can be exported from the company’s Crew Management System and automatically imported to Connection Suite

Administer your account