Dualog® Crew Surf

Faster Crew Internet with full control

Dualog® Crew Surf provides crew members with optimised internet access. Crew can monitor their own data usage and buy more Internet time on a self-serve basis.

Management will have absolute control over individual users, data volume and types of Web sites accessible.

Crew access the Internet within a controlled environment where the company determines / manages
  • User logon requirement

  • Allowed communication systems

  • Allowed / blocked Internet Services / Web Sites / Web Content

  • Automatic compression of transferred data

  • Automatic image quality reduction

  • On board caching (“re-use”) of downloaded data

Customer Values - Brief Summary
  • Everything you need for Crew Internet in one package
  • Controlled, compressed and ready to go!
  • Faster Crew Internet with full control

Be aware of the Marine Labour Convention 2006, chapter B3.1.11.4 recommending IT Services to seafarers.

Main features

Independent of airtime vendor
Support for all IP-based communication systems
Quota per month

Data volume (quota) per month (MB) allocated to each crew member by shore Administrator, Captain or as a self-service

Crew member log in

Crew member log in using credentials (see automated method for distributing crew details to vessels)

Crew member monitors data usage

Crew member monitors data usage and can top up quota as a self service

Usage available on dualog.net per user
Near-zero administration overhead for the company
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