Dualog® Drive

File and folder replication for the maritime industry

Collect and distribute data
between ship and shore

Dualog® Drive is a flexible file and folder replication service that simplifies and streamlines collection and distribution of data between your vessels IT and OT systems and shore operations. The solution features maritime-optimised technology that secures data transfer on satellite — even in low-bandwidth situations. 

Dualog Drive

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Data transfer to fit the most demanding setup

The unique templating setup in Dualog® Drive ensures that frequently used sync or move tasks can be created with minimal effort. It is easy to include or remove ships from an already configured task. Easily synchronise from local paths or network paths. Use the Smart Folder™ feature to automate folder creation on either source or destination based on templates and consistent rule-sets like for instance IMO number, custom ship codes or ship name.
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Made for maritime operations

Designed for the needs of the shipping industry

As the number of ship systems that need to stay in touch with shore systems increases, the ability to tackle file move and synchronisation across fleet and fleet groups on challenging bandwidth conditions becomes essential. Whether you need to distribute files one-to-many or many-to-one, or one large file or thousands of files in multiple sub-folders, Dualog Drive handles these challenges directly. Furthermore, with Dualog Drive, you can manage several installations per ship and have full control of your data.



Take the pain out of

replicating files between ship and shore




Reduce operational pains

One typical challenge for vessel personnel is when they try to send large files through email-based solutions due to restrictions on file size. This often results in delays in big file retrieval from vessel to shore personnel.
Email-based solutions also struggle to distribute large data volumes or complex folder structures to the vessels, and it often requires intricate manual operations. Using cloud-based synchronisation solutions often result in high bandwidth consumption, and it is often a challenge to verify the status of files across a fleet of ships.

Eliminate security risks

FTP-based solutions are not a good option due to the inherent security risk when transferring large files. Many cloud-based solutions also have complicated privacy rules resulting in unclear data ownership. Many standalone data transfer software solutions are cumbersome to keep up-to-date on vessel side, resulting in vulnerabilities which pose a security risk if not managed properly.

Avoid costly interruptions

Often, solutions that are not purpose-built for shipping lack the ability to monitor ongoing and completed file transfers per ship or ship group. This can result in interruptions in ship operations due to erroneous or even unpredictable data delivery. Interrupted data transfers and retransmits from zero means additional clogging of bandwidth capacity, and might also contribute unnecessary costs.


The Dualog® Drive Cloud helps optimise data volume and coordinate client activities

The installation process is easy and straightforward, and once the system is activated you are ready to sync or move your first folders or files between offices and individual vessels or groups of vessels. 


Webinar: Driving digitalisation with secure, fleet-wide file replication

Learn how the service takes the pain out of replicating files between ship and shore.

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Key features

Addressing both operational pains, security pains and business pains, the feature-set of Dualog® Drive
is designed to take the pain out of replicating files between ship and shore.  



Dualog® Drive features

Move or sync files and folders across the entire fleet.

  • File and folder replication
  • One-way file and folder synchronisation
  • Move files to and from ships
  • Efficiently distribute files or folders to multiple destinations
  • Receive files from multiple sources
  • Flexible set up of file exchange tasks
  • Centralised configuration, monitoring and reporting
Dualog® Drive is more than just a simple file transfer. You can now easily synchronise files or folders from any shore location to an entire fleet or group of vessels, or from any vessel to shore. The system allows for example maintenance systems or other IoT-enabled devices to send status reports, files, images or videos to shore-based personnel for review. The safety department can efficiently distribute even large document libraries across a large fleet with a single task configuration, ensuring, for instance, up-to-date safety documentation. One client can receive files or folders from multiple sources, effectively streamlining the process of managing complex reporting environments. Exchange tasks can be initialised, managed and monitored from the Dualog® Cloud in apps.dualog.com.



Optimised for demanding remote operations

Efficient use of bandwidth

  • Global deduplication optimises bandwidth usage
  • Only changes are sent
  • Pattern recognition across files
  • Compression
  • Resume on transfer interruptions


Bandwidth restrictions will always play a part when you operate on the oceans where satellite communication is often the only viable option. With Dualog® Drive, you can rest assured that files are handled in the most efficient manner. Dualog® Drive uses a global deduplication method where file patterns are identified and treated as chunks of data, effectively reducing the amount of data to be transferred. When working in low bandwidth conditions, this is a critical feature. We also use state-of-the-art compression to minimise file sizes. The ability to resume transfers is a necessity when working under tough conditions.



Easy to set up - easy to use

Fully orchestrate, monitor, and manage data transfers and workflows.

  • Easy to set up and distribute often used tasks
  • An intuitive step-by-step process helps even inexperienced users create new tasks
  • Keep track of status through live monitoring
  • Trace individual files through the administrative interface
  • Gather insights through simple reports

Dualog® Drive is a breeze to install. The fleet-wide configuration makes it easy to set up and distribute often used tasks. Adding new move or sync tasks are easy, fast and straightforward, and the intuitive user interface helps even inexperienced users through the process of setting up data exchange tasks. Administrators can use the live monitoring feature to have an instant overview of data transfers. Reporting tools make it easy to gather insights on the total impact of data exchange between ship and shore, or spot abnormalities and other issues that require attention. You can easily enable or disable tasks to stop all activities on a task temporarily or to delay startup until the installation on all your clients is complete.



A system you can rely on

Security & encryption you can trust

  • Built-in encryption
  • Authentication of clients ensures data privacy
Dualog® Drive features built-in end-to-end encryption that safeguards confidential documents and files from unauthorised access. Industry-level authentication of clients ensures that permissions are securely managed.



Send large or small files

Who said size don't matter?

  • Send or receive big data or large files up to several gigabytes* in one transfer
  • Restart transfer from the point of interruption

The problem with email-based solutions is that most have a limitation on size, and waiting for the ship to be in port and collect files on a USB stick is not a viable option in today's fast-paced world. Dualog® Drive can handle files up to several gigabytes or manage large volume transfers, including thousands of files in multiple folders. Large data tasks can be resumed should you experience satellite interruption or other connection failures during a transfer.


OTA updates

Keep your software up to date

  • Advanced over-the-air (OTA) updates for easy management of software patches and upgrades
  • A complete overview of software status per ship and installation in apps.dualog.com


Over-the-air (OTA) updates offer many benefits for shipping companies. They enable remote patching of bugs or security flaws, rather than having expensive service technicians or inexperienced users perform the updates in-person. Up-to-date software is essential to ensure your systems are cyber secure. Also, new functionality can deploy quickly across an entire fleet for stable data transfer operations.


Keep local backup

Automatic backup of files in a move task

here is the option of automatically copying files from the sender source folder to a local backup folder. This can be a useful feature in case a transmission fails, or if you want to have a rollback option available.

Main Features

Move files and folders from ship to shore or vice versa
One-way synchronisation (mirroring) of data
Distribute files or folders to multiple destinations in one task configuration
Receive files or folders from multiple sources in one task configuration
Add backup on source clients
Step-by-step process

Helps even inexperienced users through the process of setting up data exchange tasks

Flexible filtering to include only the files you want
Smart Folder™ feature

Automate folder creation based on templates and consistent rule-sets

Automatic backup of files in a move task
Advanced pattern recognition


State-of-the-art compression algorithms

across files reduces the amount of transferred data

Resume on transfer interruptions
Activity monitor

Provides an instant overview of current tasks and helps you spot anomalies immediately

Built-in encryption

Safeguards data from unauthorised access

Authentication of clients

Ensures data privacy

Over-the-air updates of client software
Error reporting and exception handling

Main benefits

Effortlessly collect or distribute files and documents to and from your fleet
Configure data flow

Even for complex setups in a large fleet with multiple systems

Rest assured that data flow is secure
Instant overview and status of all data transfers
Automate backups of critical data onboard ships
Make efficient use of your ship-shore ­bandwidth capacity
Reduce communication cost
Reduce IT staff workload
Reduce or remove the need for costly time in port
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