Smart Maritime Network - Athens

Written by Katarina Marais | 04 April 2019

Smart Maritime Network - Athens

Smart Maritime Network - Athens 

Thank you for your participation of our roundtable discussions hosted by
Marko Ikonomovic (Solution Architect)

The summary of the discussion:
Cybersecurity is not an IT matter, it's a business matter and needs to be
addressed by C-level management.

If you would like to discuss cybersecurity in more detail, please Contact sales


When: 9 May 2019
08.30 - 17.30

Where: Divani Apollan Palace & Thalasso, Athens

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Hosted by Dualog:

Topic: Maritime Cybersecurity 
What is ‘Cyber Secure’? What do the guidelines on maritime cyber risk management state? 
Moderated by: Marko Ikonomovic, Solution Architect, Dualog 

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