WEBINAR: How to mitigate the rise in advanced email hacker attacks

When: 20 January, 2021 | 09:00 - 09:45 CET

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An ever-increasing number of messages to vessels contain malware and viruses. In fact, more than half of all email messages are fake. Many that look authentic are targeted and sophisticated phishing attacks. Get up to speed with how hackers try to trick you and your crew and learn what steps you should take to reduce the number of malicious emails reaching onboard inboxes.


In this mindblowing webinar, you'll meet Dualog CISO and cybersecurity expert Mr Geir Inge Jensen. Join in for expert advice and actionable insights.


3 Key Take-aways:

1) Get insights and up-to-date statistics about the state of cybersecurity and current trends in cyber-attacks delivered by email.

2) Learn what practical steps and components are necessary to protect against current threats.

3) Learn how monitoring and smart reporting can help you keep up and stay safe.

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