How Dualog works

Our solution

A complete digital platform

From cybersecurity services to business email to data collection and distribution, leading shipping companies trust Dualog to optimise, secure and simplify their digital operations. The platform consists of a client software called Dualog® Connection Suite and a cloud service to easily configure and monitor ship-shore data operations.

Ship, shore and cloud

A client software onboard the vessels and configuration via Dualog® Cloud

For the solution to work on board a vessel, you need to have Dualog® Connection Suite installed on board the ship. Some services also require the client software to be installed at the office or any remote location.

The services are easily configurable via any standard web client (like Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox) with an Internet connection.




Advanced configuration options

User-friendly configuration

Dualog Connection Suite clients are entirely configurable from shore via the Dualog® Cloud. There are numerous advantages:

  • Tight integration between ship and shore systems
  • Reduced remote support
  • Reduced travel cost
  • Configuration options can, if required, be made inaccessible to onboard users 

The Dualog software has a bidirectional replication subsystem that handles remote configuration, position reporting and traffic logs. For maximum cost efficiency, replication updates are transferred only within data communication sessions.

User administration

Connect with your crew management system

User details may be distributed to the whole fleet of vessels very efficient using an automated method that starts at the company's Crewing System(s) as illustrated below.Users may be put into different User Groups that may be allocated different rights when it comes to using the ship's communication systems and services, e.g. crew email and Internet access onboard.



In summary

The Dualog platform consists of

  • Client software installed on board the ship (or other remote location) - Dualog® Connection Suite
  • Cloud software running at our new high-quality tier-three level Dualog® Data Center in Denmark, accessible through a standard web browser - Dualog® Cloud