Dualog® MapView

Global position tracking and ship overview

Dualog® MapView provides a geographical overview of ships’ locations. With this tool companies will know where their ships are at all times. MapView is available via Dualog's customer portal (dualog.net) and displays the vessels in Google Maps. Positions are updated every time the ships connect, and include position, heading and speed.

When a user selects a ship on the map the system shows
  • Last reported position, speed and heading

  • Recent data connection information

  • Messages pending collection by the ship

  • Crew users registered on board

  • Full screen map for use in company’s reception etc.

The “MapView” system provides direct (ship-specific) links to
  • “Remote Config” (shore copy / control of the ship’s configuration settings)

  • Connections (historical data regarding communication sessions)

  • Messages (historical data regarding messages to and from the ship)


Each ship (on the ap) is represented by a coloured (courese-related) symbol
  • Green: Position data reported within the last 12 hours

  • Amber: No position data (or no data connection) within the last 12 hours

  • Red: No position data (or no data connection) within the last 24 hours

MapView supports Google’s KML (overlay) files. These can be used to display additional information such as weather information, sea state and piracy attack warnings.

Customer Values - Brief Summary

  • Geographical overview of all vessels at a reasonable price
  • Manage fleet based on real-time data
  • Fleet position from any source