–Works nicely so far

Written by Rune Larsen, Service Marketing Manager | 04 April 2019

–Works nicely so far

“This is going the right way and Dualog Drive will simplify the way we update and synchronise our data,” says Angelos Demetriou.

IT officer at Cyprus based Intership Navigation, Angelos Demetriou,  is overseeing a fleet of more than 80 ships, and he is quite excited about the new Dualog Drive. Angelos has tested an early version, and he has already reported a bug that is fixed. 

"Dualog Drive simplifies data collection and distribution tremendously. That means a lot."

But more than anything he sees that this way of doing file updates and synchronisation can take place without hurting other communication.  

“This means a lot when you have such a big fleet to cater for, and so far I like the idea, and I look forward to exploring the service more into depth,” completes Angelos, just now on his way to a vessel attendance in US waters.