A letter from Dualog CEO: Safe operations in the face of Covid-19

Written by Morten Lind-Olsen, CEO | 01 April 2020

A letter from Dualog CEO: Safe operations in the face of Covid-19

Dear valued customer,

In light of the on-going coronavirus pandemic, Dualog wishes to ensure our customers that the exchange of business-critical and other vital data between your ships and shore is continued in the same reliable and secured manner as always.

Dualog acts in complete compliance with the guidelines prescribed by the WHO and by the authorities at locations where we are represented. Our primary focus is to avoid infection among our staff and our clients. For the time being this means that we do not travel, and our staff members are mainly working from their respective home-offices.

Dualog will be maintaining all of our services, including our 24/7 support service, at full capacity and fully manned so that our customers can contact us in the usual manner. Dualog has put a great deal of effort into secure and reliable communications and will maintain the high degree of data security our clients are familiar with.

Amid this demanding crisis, we have registered an increase in the need for digital interaction. Many shipping companies have in this situation adapted to digital demands at a much faster rate than would otherwise have been the case. Dualog aims to be of assistance in this process, and our entire organisation will be available to those who may need us. We will also be there for you should any new needs or requirements arise.

As always, you can contact us on our social media channels or via our website at any time. We are here to help with any enquiries and answer any concerns you may have over the coming weeks. We will also be increasing our accessibility to customers on digital channels via webinars and podcasts.

In the wake of a stronger focus on digitisation and greater integration on board, Dualog has recently developed several new services. At present, we have many clients in the initial stages of implementing these new services, and we have therefore opted to increase the pace of their further development. We do this because we are convinced that shipping will play a significant role when the wheels of society and business are once more set in motion.

We stand united in these times, and I ask that you all look after yourselves and those around you, so that we can look forward to a more stable situation and the gradual return to a normal state of affairs.

Stay healthy and stay safe,



Morten Lind-Olsen
CEO, Dualog