Delivering the total support our customers need

Written by Rune Larsen, Product Marketing Manager | 02 February 2018

Delivering the total support our customers need


“To say I am very proud of the team I have is nothing short of an understatement,” smiles Mikael Johannessen, “but I am proud of them because they believe in the same strong ethos I adhere to, of helping to ensure our customers receive the high level of service they expect.”

As Support Team Leader at Dualog, Mikael knows the value of being able to deliver the right kind of support to a customer when it is needed. But to achieve this and ‘stay the best in the business,’ “we have to remain one step ahead of the game and know the types of issues that are likely to crop up before the customers come to us,” he stressed.

“We are proud to say that we are available 100% of the time to meet our customers’ needs – 24/7 – with all of our team members displaying the same high level of competence. It is all about embracing a culture of sharing knowledge,” he said.

Dualog’s customer support team comprises of 15 support engineers who, by drawing on the experiences of dealing with the IT needs of over 3000 vessels, are totally fluent in what a vessel must do to derive maximum benefit from the value of its network. They also undergo continuous personal development to hone their competence and deliver the predictable service their customers expect.

“The priorities I have for my team are simple yet immensely important,” he said. “Having happy customers always comes first followed closely by guaranteeing a quick response time to our customers’ concerns. Then receiving and dealing with the all-important feedback is crucial,” he said.

And with an average telephone response time of 44 seconds coupled with an average ticket first response time of two hours, it would appear that Mikael and his team are getting it right.

But while the role of the support team is very clearly to support, it is also all about educating the customer to spot and ultimately avoid recurring or repeat problems. “We treat the relationship we have with our customers with a huge amount of respect and see all of us as key cogs in a team wheel that is there to deliver,” Mikael added.

Would you like to get in contact with our Support Team Leader - Mikael Johannessen? Email him here.