Dualog Drive saves 200-man hours per month

Written by Silje Moan, Chief Commercial Officer | 04 October 2021

Dualog Drive saves 200-man hours per month

Dualog Drive saves 200-man hours per month

Dualog has racked up 1,000 installations of Dualog® Drive to date and responses from clients report huge savings of man-hours per month as the product simplifies distribution of documents, data, software updates, IoT data and large files across the entire fleet.

Trebling of data downloads

For the maritime sector in particular, sharing files and digital resources has historically been tricky, reliant as it is on limited bandwidth and software constrained by the box installed. But recent trends amplified by the pandemic show up to a trebling of data downloaded onto vessels compared to previous years, putting unprecedented levels of stress on communications links. Maintaining connectivity between shore and ship is crucial with the increase in IoT onboard, monitoring of data, and the rising need to send large files between the two.

Documents automatically received in the correct location

With Dualog Drive documents created on shore are automatically received in the correct location on all vessels, or in specified segments of the fleet. The system is ideal for transferring large amounts of data between ship and shore, facilitating the use of IoT on ships, monitoring of data and sending large files. The data to be transferred can come from any source, system, or sensor/machinery onboard – all without any manual input.

Reaping rewards

A recent Dualog Webinar highlights the benefits for companies such as MOL Chemical Tankers, NYK Group and TB Marine. They found that generic cloud-based systems such as DropBox and OneDrive simply don’t offer the specialised solution needed for maritime where bandwidth, airtime and latency are all challenging. The move to Drive for them has reaped rewards in terms of financial and time savings, in the case of MOL Chemical Tankers 186 man-hours per month, not to mention facilitating the digitalisation of systems on board. Read more about this particularly case study here.

Endless possibilities

Use cases are growing daily and the possibilities are unlimited. Discussions initially start with IT departments but, as other departments see the potential of the system, they also open a dialogue with us. Currently Drive is used for disparate tasks like synchronising document libraries, sending operational data from ships to ship managers onshore, distributing software updates and patches, or even transferring CCTV images from ship to shore.

Taking away the pain

Silje Moan, Dualog’s Chief Commercial Officer, said: “When developing Drive, our aim was to take away the pain of moving data between ship and shore with a product that functions independently of systems already in use. Dualog® Drive can be installed and ready to use within hours, and clients can set up a trial simply by opening an account and clicking on the link on our website.”

In fact, Klaveness Ship Management did exactly that when it installed Drive in just 24 hours! The company now spends less time worrying about cybersecurity, data management and bandwidth bottlenecks while spending more time on additional business improvements.

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