Dualog SupportBot – Our newest employee

Written by Rune Larsen, Service Marketing Manager | 28 March 2019

Dualog SupportBot – Our newest employee

Over the past 12 months, we have been working hard, ensuring our support engineers are available to assist the customers with any issues 24/7.

Several small and notable changes have been introduced, which have enabled us to provide our customers with the unbeatable support response times of 12 minutes on e-mail requests and 10 seconds for phone calls.

We are proud to introduce you to the latest addition to our staff — our newest employee SupportBot. The bot is tasked to handle time-consuming yet straightforward tasks that we are confident can be handled without human intervention. The introduction of the bot allows our support engineers to increase their availability to assist customers in the more complicated tasks.

We have given SupportBot thorough training in dealing with these requests. For several months we’ve held his hand, and we’ve helped him get things right if he's made an incorrect assessment.

 SupportBot can contextually respond to the customers, letting them know what he has done with their ticket. All of this happens in seconds after the customer submits the request. If at any point the bot encounters something he can’t handle, he will add an internal note to the ticket and let a human take care of the situation.

SupportBot will play a simple, but crucial, role in our Support Team. He will handle as much as 30% of our tickets. Labour laws are yet to be a thing for robots, so we have taken full advantage of this – SupportBot will be working 365 days a year dealing with customer requests around the clock. We intend to keep training him to handle even more tasks in the future. As such, this initiative is in line with our innovative spirit, customer-centric culture, and commitment to top-notch service.