Last day of the year's summer students at Dualog

Written by Rune Larsen, Product Marketing Manager | 01 August 2018

Last day of the year's summer students at Dualog


This summer, computer science students Mads Johansen, Vebjørn Haugland, Jon Johansen and Isak Sunde Singh have had their hands full developing a new version of the Dualog app helping customers be even more efficient in their daily tasks. The app is part of Dualog's advanced solutions for digital communication between ships and shore.

The students have worked closely with both the development manager, product manager and the rest of the development team, and they have shown great ownership of the projects they have been involved in.

According to R & D manager Vidar Berg, the experience is entirely positive. "This year's students have been a great gang who has contributed new knowledge and fresh eyes to a particular project, and they have delivered good quality solutions that will surely benefit us as a business."

In addition to the programming work, the students have also been responsible for this year's Dualog Hackathon, which took place earlier this summer, which was a great success.

“It has been both interesting, instructive and challenging, and I have really learned a lot”, concludes Mads Johansen who is a fourth-year student. Vebjørn Haugland who is doing his master’s thesis this coming semester concurs and adds: “It is such a great working environment here at Dualog. The people are serious and hard-working, but still there is always a good tone and the senior programmers really do leave headroom for us students to try and fail and grow.”

“It is certainly different than being at the university and the experience of working together as a team has been a very good”, remarks Jon Johansen, another fourth-year student.

Each year Dualog seek to hire students from the master’s program in computer science at UiT the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø to act as summer interns. For the students this means a chance to get involved in a real-life programming experience and build a relationship with a potential employer down the line. For the company this means a chance to seek out young fresh talents that can help us build better products, and in the end even grow our business in this highly competitive market.

Thank you to all involved!

(Photo from left: Vidar Berg, R & D manager, Mads Johansen, Vebjørn Haugland, Jon Johansen and Isak Sunde Singh)