Summertime means student time in Dualog

Written by Rune Larsen, Product Marketing Manager | 11 August 2022

Summertime means student time in Dualog

As most of the company has been enjoying a little free time, computer science students Tabassum Khan, Sigurd Johannes Brattland and Børge Bårdsen have had their hands full developing a brand-new feature into the Fangstr® app ecosystem.

Fangstr is Dualog's fisheries division, delivering electronic catch reporting, vessel monitoring systems, and software services helping fishing vessels and fishing companies manage their operation.

The students have worked closely with Fangstr product manager Gunhild Griff With, developers Vebjørn Haugland and Cosmin Crăciun, and the rest of the development team, taking advantage of Dualog's extensive code database. 

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A win-win situation

Having summer interns has been an annual undertaking at Dualog for the last five to six years. According to student coordinator Fredrik Eilertsen, the experience has been very positive: "This year's students have impressed us all and contributed with new knowledge and fresh eyes to a particular project. This week's demo they held for the whole company made standing ovations from an enthusiastic crowd."

"The summer internship is a double-sided deal. We want the knowledge-sharing to go both ways," says Fredrik Eilertsen. "Even many of the company's more "seasoned" professionals admit to having learned much from the students. Even though some find it hard to admit," he adds with a chuckle.

Fredrik Eilertsen

A great experience

Turning to the students themselves, they are quick to emphasise the good working atmosphere at Dualog.

"I was a little worried about how it would be to work in a new country," admits Tabassum Khan. She is currently doing her final year of her 2-year master's program. "However, the people have been so welcoming, friendly and helpful. It has been amazing."  

Børge Bårdsen, who is doing his 4th year, concurs and adds: "Starting off at the Dualog Hackathon was a wonderful experience. We met everybody, and it felt like we were immediately taken in as part of the team." 

"It is certainly different than being at the university", comments Sigurd Brattland, another master's student with his thesis planned to spring 2023. "To improve on a system in production and used by real customers was really cool and inspiring. It is really something else than working on a student project," he adds.

When asked what the best part of being an intern has been, they all agree and smile: "Working together as a team."

It's already agreed that all three will be working part-time at Dualog. Both Tabassum, Børge and Sigurd hope to join Dualog full-time after they have finished their studies.

Interns a valuable resource

Each year Dualog seek to hire students from the master's program in computer science at UiT the Arctic University of Norway in Tromsø, to act as summer interns.

The program is a chance to get involved in a real-life programming experience and build a relationship with a potential employer down the line.

For Dualog, this means an opportunity to find new programming talents in a highly competitive market.


Main photo (from left): Tabassum Khan, Børge Bårdsen and Sigurd Brattland.