Klaveness Implements Dualog Data Transfer Solution in Just 24 hours

Written by Rune Larsen, Product Marketing Manager | 02 September 2020

Klaveness Implements Dualog Data Transfer Solution in Just 24 hours

Leading maritime digital platform provider Dualog, is delighted to announce that Klaveness Ship Management has rolled out its new data transfer solution, called Dualog® Drive, in just 24 hours.
Having a fast and reliable data sharing system between the vessel and office is paramount in shipping to enhance operational efficiency as well as improve the safety and security of the entire fleet.
Klaveness needed a system that was quick, easy to use and able to cope with challenging bandwidth conditions. Dualog’s system met and exceeded these key criteria, helping the ship manager streamline information sharing and data replication across its fleet.
Dualog® Drive has helped Klaveness replace many manual and email-based processes with fully integrated digital solutions that have vastly improved the collaboration between ship and shore-side personnel.
When asked why he specifically chose Dualog Drive, Jan Erik Rogde, VP, Head of Fleet Management, Klaveness said: “Operational pains and business pains need to be addressed, including departmental siloes and complex software and hardware setups. Also, security is a key concern.”

When reviewing Dualog Drive, he found that its ability to address these issues meant that “we can now spend less time worrying about cybersecurity, data management and bandwidth bottlenecks while spending more time on additional business improvements,” he added.

The ease with which the solution was rolled out to the fleet was thanks to the great support provided by Dualog personnel who liaised with the Klaveness IT team in a carefully planned and well executed test on ship and shore. Thanks to the simplicity of Dualog Drive, the entire operation took less than 24 hours.

The whole shipping industry is embracing the move towards using more digital technology to improve safety and efficiency, and the current COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this process still further.

So, the need for fast, efficient, and user-friendly data transfer solutions like Dualog Drive will only increase as the industry embraces the need for more and more digital outputs and documentation.