Dualog® Protect

Protecting your vessels – the new cyber security standard

Introducing Dualog® Protect - a better way to make your fleet safe. The Dualog® Protect service stops malware, ransomware, trojan and phishing attempts, ultimately blocking any unsafe or suspicious web pages before any harm is done by monitoring suspicious activity at the DNS-level. The service is easy to set up and configure to your own requirements for what types of content you wish to block. You can even design company policies* to only allow certain services or sites and blocking others.
* Requires Dualog® Protect Secure Custom

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Safe browsing

You can safely allow for Internet services across your entire fleet without compromising security

  • Stops malware, ransomware, trojan and phishing attempts
  • Stop command-and-control (C2) callbacks and data exfiltrations
  • Protects every device or user within your network
  • Reduce the risk of incidents or security breaches
  • Can identify infected machines on the «inside»
  • Internet access for other business purposes can safely be allowed for
Dualog® Protect blocks ransom-ware, trojans and phishing attempts as well as preventing “command-and-control call-backs” and data exfiltration. By operating at the DNS-level the service protects all computers and devices attached to all onboard networks.

As the number of onboard systems requiring online connectivity is increasing, Dualog® Protect provides the level of protection you need to provide connectivity across your fleet without compromising security.

According to a Cisco Security Research paper, 91.3 % of malware uses DNS in attacks. Consequently, adding some sort of security measure at a global level should be an important part of a robust cybersecurity approach. By setting up an extra layer of defence to your IT operations, you drastically reduce the risk of malware attacks. 


Cybersecurity surveillance and reporting

Act rapidly when an incident occur

  • Provide administrators with a comprehensive and up-to-date overview of their cybersecurity status
  • Allows administrators to focus on what is important
  • Monitoring can be part of a cybersecurity certification process
  • Use Dualog® Protect to present and analyse cybersecurity statistics
  • Identify problem areas
  • Optimise system configuration
Cybersecurity surveillance and centralised reporting tools enable IT Administrators to monitor the health of onboard systems and to respond instantly should an incident occur. 


Easy to implement

Get started in a matter of minutes

  • Easy fleet-wide configuration with rules for which Internet services are blocked and which are allowed
  • Set the right level of policy control on Internet traffic
  • Optimise use of Internet infrastructure by reducing unwanted data traffic
  • ROI on Internet infrastructure
Dualog® Protect is easy to implement and allows you to centrally configure content-type and access policies across the fleet. 

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  • Simple to implement onboard

  • Fleet-wide management with a single policy **

  • Includes sophisticated and flexible reporting tools ***

  • Provides administrators with a clear overview regarding what has been blocked and why

  • Identifies problem networks and devices

  • Prevents malware, ransomware, trojan and phishing attempts at the DNS level

  • Prevents command-and-control (C2) call-backs and related data exfiltration

  • Utilises Big Data and data mining methods to predict attacks

  • Identifies suspicious domains by aggregating and analysing DNS-related data

  • Constantly analyses and detects anomalies and suspicious patterns to stay ahead of hackers and cyber-criminals


  • Seamlessly protects every device attached to your onboard networks

  • Reduces the risk of cyber-related incidents and security breaches

  • Identifies “already infected” onboard systems, machines and devices 

  • Optimises use of internet infrastructure and bandwidth by reducing unwanted traffic 

  • Forms part of a robust cyber-security policy by adding an essential layer of defence

  • Ensures safer business and crew internet access


* Requires Dualog Protect Custom
** Self-service through Dualog Cloud available mid-2019
*** Reporting tools available during 2019

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