Dualog® Quota Management

Internet data volume control

Dualog® Quota Management enables shipping companies to offer Internet to the crew within controlled frames. Allocate a certain amount of free surfing data each month to everyone on board, and then let the crew purchase more if they want.

Bandwidth at sea is expensive. The system tracks each seafarer’s usage, and gives administration a complete overview from shore. This prevents the most eager seafarers from using up the entire bandwidth available on the ship. 

An on board mechanism enables the Master to allocate quota – in addition to the self-service mechanism for users. 

If users are to pay for usage then necessary information is available for deductions from salary e.g. using the - slop chest method. See the illustration. 


Customer Values - Brief Summary
  • Internet access with data volume control
  • Internet access with cost control
  • Self-service Internet data volume purchase

Note: This service relies on Dualog Network Control.

Main features

Independent of airtime vendors
Self-service volume purchase for users
Free quota options
Usage is synchronised at dualog.net
Usage may be paid via the slop chest system
ICT as a value driver