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Strengthen the connection with your crew. Provide them with corporate email accounts and single sign-on into all relevant portals. All directly integrated with your Crew Management System.


How Dualog® Seafarer benefits vessel IT

Learn how Dualog Seafarer helps solve your IT and cybersecurity challenges.


Engage your crew

Corporate communication shouldn't rely on private email addresses. You want to engage with your workforce like never before, making your crew an integral part of your company's success. Dualog® Seafarer offers a unified corporate domain and personalized email accounts in a few easy steps.


Improve your security

The security features and improved login will significantly enhance your cybersecurity and solve typical problems like account security, possible data mining, phishing attacks, and control over company sensitive data. Since we're integrated with your CMS, revoking access when the crew leaves the company is easily accomplished.


Streamline access

There's an increasing number of portals where your crew needs login. Managing this is an administrative headache for crewing departments and IT staff alike. Seafarer's single sign-on (SSO) solution enables your seafarers to log into all relevant portals with their Seafarer account.


Seamlessly integrate with your Crew Management System

Your Crew Management System is your source of truth when managing your crew. Dualog Seafarer smoothly integrates with your existing setup to ensure a streamlined, efficient workflow. 

Get started in 4 easy steps

1. Import your seafarers

Set up an integration with your Crew Management System, build a custom API integration, use CSV imports, or manually add your seafarers.

2. Safely distribute account links

Make the initial setup a breeze by sending unique invitation links to all your seafarers. Once registered, they all have a safe and unique identity within your organisation.

3. Start communicating

You can now start utilizing the seafarers' corporate email accounts when communicating with them. Easy, safe, and compliant communication.

4. Integrate with third-parties

Start building a set of third-party applications you want your seafarers to log into with their Dualog Seafarer accounts. Get rid of the unmanageable amount of logins once and for all.

Our plans

No commitments - billed per seafarer in one-month increments



For companies who want to enhance their crew communication.


  • Checkmark Custom domain ¹
  • Checkmark App & third-party email clients ²
  • Checkmark Automated account management
  • Checkmark 1GB storage
  • Checkmark Support: Email



Truly connect your seafarers and increase productivity across your applications

Everything in Basic, plus:

  • Checkmark 5 integrations
  • Checkmark Custom integrations ³
  • Checkmark 5GB storage
  • Checkmark Support: 24/7 phone & email


1 - allows you to create a custom domain for accounts (e.g.
2 - connect to third-party email clients through public IMAP and SMTP servers. Allows your seafarers to use their preferred email client.
3 - an integration is an integration to a third-party service where Seafarer is used as a SSO login.


More questions? 

What is Dualog Seafarer?

Dualog Seafarer is a unified communication platform and personal identity management solution designed specifically for seafarers. It streamlines communication between shipping companies and their crew, while also providing a secure digital identity for seafarers to access third-party applications.

Who can benefit from using Dualog Seafarer?

Shipping companies, crewing departments, and IT departments can benefit from using Dualog Seafarer. It helps enhance communication and collaboration with seafarers, making them feel more integrated into the company and ultimately improving crew retention.

How does Dualog Seafarer work?

Dualog Seafarer provides each crew member with a secure digital identity, protected by multi-factor authentication (MFA). Crewing departments can easily import user data from their existing crew management systems, manually add users, or use API integration for seamless user management. Seafarers get a corporate email account and can use their digital identity to sign in to third-party services.

What third-party services can be integrated with Dualog Seafarer?

Dualog Seafarer can integrate with a wide range of third-party services, including corporate social media platforms, training and certification platforms, and crew management systems. This enables seafarers to use a single sign-on solution for all their applications.

How is Seafarer priced?

Counting number of users

The number of users equals to the number of enabled Seafarer users in the system. You are only billed for accounts that was enabled at some point during a given month.


Commitment period

The only commitment is the current month, which will be billed retroactively. If you stop using the service in March, you will not be billed for April onwards.

Is Dualog Seafarer GDPR compliant?

Yes, Dualog Seafarer is GDPR compliant. We have gone through a thorough process to ensure compliance and provide a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) for our customers.

How can I sign up for Dualog Seafarer?

Dualog Seafarer is currently available on a waiting list basis. To join the waiting list, please leave your email address on our landing page, and we will notify you as soon as the service becomes generally available.

Can I try Dualog Seafarer before committing to it?

Yes, we offer a trial period for you to test out Dualog Seafarer and evaluate its features. Please leave your email address on our landing page, and we will provide you with more information on how to set up a trial as soon as the service becomes generally available.

What kind of support does Dualog provide for Dualog Seafarer?

Dualog offers comprehensive support for Dualog Seafarer through our dedicated customer support team. We are available to assist with any questions, concerns, or issues you may have while using the service.

What are the system requirements for Dualog Seafarer?

Dualog Seafarer is a cloud-based service and can be accessed through a modern web browser on any device with internet connectivity. There are no specific hardware or software requirements for using the service.

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