Dualog® Access

Single sign-on (SSO) to your on-premises or cloud-based applications

Simplifying identity management and access to digital assets

Your fleet crews are dispersed all over the world oceans, doing their jobs in distributed IT environments far away from your company headquarters. Dualog® Access simplifies the process of granting access to the digital resources your seafarers need without compromising security. Whether your applications are on-premises or cloud-based, they're all conveniently integrated for easy access.

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Reduce Security & Compliance Risk

Dualog Access lets you move away from role-based accounts to personal accounts, and helping you meet new cybersecurity regulations and demands from class societies, including non-repudiation and accountability by audit trail. Prohibit group login and shared credentials​ is a cybersecurity requirement. You should only give access based on user roles, job responsibilities and role attributes​. There is also a requirement to have available logs showing who logged in to which system when.


Full control

Safeguard against unauthorised access

The last couple of years have seen a steep rise in cybercrime. When it comes to protecting your data, passwords are the weakest link. Adding two-factor authentication (2FA) has become the identity and access management (IAM) standard for preventing unauthorised access. With Dualog Access, you reduce the number of passwords your crew have to remember, but at the same time, you can enforce password policies that further strengthen security.



Reduce overhead managing users

IT departments often have to allocate significant time related to give and remove access to systems, or more mundane jobs like resetting passwords. Traditionally, one solution has been to provide only role-based accounts (master, cheng, choff, etc.). From a security perspective, this poses a significant risk. By importing your crew database directly or integrating Dualog Access with your Crew Management System, each crew member will have their unique user identity, easily and securely managed by your IT department.


Reduce workload

Automate onboarding and offboarding

Deprovisioning or offboarding users is critical to prevent unauthorised access to enterprise data from former employees or when crew members are on leave. Dualog Access lets you automate offboarding using your Crew Management System or HR system as your system of record. Disabling a user will take effect in target applications within minutes – without manual labour - providing you with an effective user kill switch to minimise exposure for offboarded crew members.


Work smarter

Improve End-User Productivity

With numerous computer systems, both on-premises and in the cloud, remembering credentials can become complicated and confusing.​ End-users must memorise multiple logins and passwords, and often there are multiple logins for the different system​. For the crew, repeated logins with dissimilar credentials represent a big hassle in their everyday work.
Get your seafarers (and suppliers and contractors) to work with a single sign-on security solution that is easy to use, easy to deploy and easy to manage.



Embrace a work-everywhere approach with confidence

Move away from traditional perimeter-focused approaches to security. Instead focus resources on enabling access for all users (employees, contractors, partners, etc.) – regardless of their location, device, or network.


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