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Dualog® Business Mail is a reliable, secure and future-proof email service designed to handle all your business mail requirements.

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Top reasons

Why choose Dualog® Business Mail

State-of-the-art email protection

Dualog Business Mail protects your business & crew accounts from phishing, spoofing, malware, ransomware, zero-day viruses and other malware.

A trusted and future-proof solution

Thousands of ships rely on Dualog® Business Mail to handle their business mail requirements every day. 

Adhere to IMO2021 regulations

IMO and class societies require shipping companies to implement a multi-layered cybersecurity approach.

Smooth migration

We know how to ensure a smooth sailing when it comes to migrating from your existing email system.

How do you protect your Inbox from malicious email attacks?
An ever-increasing number of messages to vessels contain malware and viruses. Many that look authentic are targeted and sophisticated phishing attacks. If you are struggling with an outdated email service, then look no further. Dualog has been a leading developer of maritime solutions for more than 25 years. Our email software is continuously developed, offering guaranteed uptime, performance and security, keeping your onboard users' Inbox safer.

Advanced email hacker attacks are on the rise

Current threat: Emotet

Emotet - the most dangerous malware out there

Emotet is an advanced Trojan that changes almost every day. It is often described as "the most dangerous malware out there" and something that the shipping industry is increasingly encountering in targeted attacks. Sophisticated email security is essential in effectively combating this ever-evolving threat.

Global spam amount 50.18 %

Global spam amount 2020 according to consultants Kaspersky: 50.18 per cent

More than half of all email messages are fake. Let us help you reduce the number reaching onboard inboxes to minimise distractions and inadvertent execution of potentially harmful content.

Attacks by email: 9 out of 10

9 out of 10 attacks starts with an email

More than 90% of all hacker attacks begin via email. Preventing these malicious and potentially harmful messages from reaching end-users is essential.

File size between 10 to 50 KB: 26.84 %

File size in spam emails has grown

Spam email size has grown in recent years. The share of emails sized 20–50 KB rose to 28.20% of the total number of registered spam emails in Q3 2020. On satellite networks, the sheer data volume of spam translates to unnecessary bandwidth consumption and, therefore, might represent a substantial cost.

You need a reliable and secure email service you can trust

Dualog Business Mail product sheet
Built to withstand advanced email hacker attacks


Dualog's state-of-the-art cloud email security gateway ("MailDefence") is purpose-built to mitigate attacks transported via email. By deploying an effective array of tools, techniques and integrated solutions, Dualog dramatically reduces the amount of spam and other malicious content (including the latest Emotet malware) reaching your vessels.

Designed for the maritime sector


Thousands of ships rely on Dualog® Business Mail to handle their business mail requirements. Our mail service works regardless of carrier or communication system and is easily configurable to any number of email accounts. The service features a wide range of maritime-optimised functionality.

Independent and future-proof


All Dualog services are entirely independent of airtime deals, onboard satellite equipment, specific computer hardware or third-party software. We give you the strategic flexibility to choose the products, services and solutions best suited for your current and future needs. 

Smooth and easy migration


Let's get things up and running fast and with minimal downtime. We have created guides describing how Dualog manages the process of migrating from your existing on-premise or third-party system. 

MailDefence reduces the amount of phishing, spam and other malicious content delivered by email

Dualog® Business Mail takes advantage of MailDefence, an advanced email security gateway, specifically designed to reduce the number of malicious emails reaching your captain's Inbox.


Maritime-optimised, multi-layered email security gateway

Stop advanced email threats with MailDefence

A central part of the Dualog Cloud environment, Dualog® MailDefence™ is an enterprise-grade security solution that integrates with Dualog® Business Mail, Dualog® Crew Mail or other cloud-based mail solutions to protect your business & crew accounts from phishing, spoofing, malware, ransomware, zero-day viruses and other malware. The state-of-the-art cloud email security gateway is purposely built to mitigate any attack relayed by email. Each message sent to your ships goes through an extensive security check that includes scans by multiple antivirus engines, anti-spam scoring mechanisms, email fingerprint analysis, phishing checks and domain sanity checks.

Read more: Learn how Dualog MailDefence can improve email security

Smooth migration from existing systems

Concerned about changing email addresses and migration?

We have created guides describing how Dualog manages the process of migrating from your existing on-premise or third-party system. These can be shared upon request. Our team of seasoned Pre-Sales Technicians and the entire support team is ready to guide you through the process to ensure smooth sailing every step of the way.

Marko Ikonomic, Pre-Sales Technician in Dualog



My life has become easier

Holger Börcher and Briese Schiffahrt based in Leer, Germany, chose Dualog® Business Mail for their fleet of 130 ships. After the initial planning and testing phase was finalised, the entire transition period took less than nine months. When asked about why he chose Dualog, he explains: "We had to replace numerous outdated systems with one reliable and future proof solution across the entire fleet. I needed one unified strategy to deal with data management and cybersecurity. I found that Dualog had a unique offering, and I can now focus on business improvements instead of problems."



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In this webinar, Lars Martinussen and Muhammad Sallehuddin provide you with the answers to the most common questions from shipping companies regarding maritime email.

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Dualog® Business Mail is a reliable and user-friendly email service designed to handle all your business mail requirements. 

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