Dualog® Crew Email

Maritime Email

A zero admin crew email solution

Dualog® Crew Mail provides private email accounts for seafarers regardless of the communication equipment onboard. Crew details can be updated and distributed automatically from the Crew Management System to all vessels, minimising IT staff workload drastically. The service relies on the world-class capability of the Dualog Cloud® environment to ensure always updated antivirus scanning to prevent viruses and spam from filling up the seafarer's inbox.

PRODUCT: Crew Mail

Easy integration with crew management systems

Easy import of crew details

Strong import and integration feature makes it easy to ensure that crew details are accurate and up-to-date and that crew email addresses reflect current staffing. You can set the system to disable unused addresses automatically and add new users to the system as part of the hiring process. There is an option to have Dualog Crew Mail fully integrated with your crewing system through a powerful API-interface, effectively reducing IT staff involvement to zero.


Show your flag

Company-branded email addresses

The service allows for custom domains to be set for all crew or even per vessel. The Dualog Mail service is flexible enough to accommodate whatever domain-name combination, including a global fleet domain (e.g. acmefleet.com), fleet sub-domains (e.g. fleet.acmetankers.com), ship specific domains (e.g. acmevoyager.com, acmetrader.com) or ship specific sub-domains (e.g. voyager.acmetankers.com, trader.acmetankers.com) and the seafarer's name or any other role-specific identifier as the user portion of the address.


Global availability

Access to company email wherever your crew are

Email is only sent to a ship if the crew member is registered on board, effectively stopping unwanted traffic from clogging bandwidth. Whenever a seafarer is on leave (at home or elsewhere) or finds Internet access in a port, the crew member's private email becomes accessible through the web-based email client. 

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Email to crew regardless of communication equipment

Supporting many carrier types across the fleet

Dualog Crew Mail takes advantage of the robust and flexible carrier detection in the Dualog service, automatically identifying and prioritising messages based on company rules. Dualog CrewMail can seamlessly switch between satellite carriers, so you don't have to worry about email not being delivered. This ensures reliable and consistent communication between the shore and the vessel, allowing seafarers to stay connected with their loved ones and the rest of the world.


Maritime-optimised, multi-layered email security gateway

Stop advanced email threats with MailDefence

A central part of the Dualog Cloud environment, Dualog® MailDefence™ is an enterprise-grade security solution that integrates with Dualog® Business Mail, Dualog® Crew Mail or other cloud-based mail solutions to protect your business & crew accounts from phishing, spoofing, malware, ransomware, zero-day viruses and other malware. The state-of-the-art cloud email security gateway is purposely built to mitigate any attack relayed by email. Each message sent to your ships goes through an extensive security check that includes scans by multiple antivirus engines, anti-spam scoring mechanisms, email fingerprint analysis, phishing checks and domain sanity checks.

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Main features

Private, zero administration maritime email
Login with Crew Credentials

See automated method for distribution of crew details to the fleet

Web e-mail client enabling

Includes Web (HTTP) e-mail client enabling (if permitted) access from any networked computer on board

Crew can create own message folders
Crew keeps the same email address regardless of ship assignment
Dualog Address Book

The global Dualog Address Book allows each user to store and access his / her contacts’ details from anywhere

Shore-based user administration (if required)

Modifications are replicated automatically to ships

Minimised communication cost

Communication and compression features within Dualog Connection Suite minimise communication cost

Cost control and size control

Cost control and size control (filters etc). Users can be exported from the company’s Crew Management System and automatically imported to Connection Suite

Administer your account