Dualog® Drive – The easy way to distribute
files and folders between ship and shore


Dualog® Drive simplifies and streamlines the collection and distribution of data
between your vessels and shore operations.

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 Sync Documents


Distribute Software Updates


 Collect IoT Data


 Send Large Files

Synchronise folders

Folders, folder structures and files are copied from a common source to one or more destinations.
  • Document distribution
    Direct distribution / sharing of folders and files – e.g. document sets, certificates, etc.
  • File catalogs
    Update centrally managed file catalogues.

  • Database updates
    When you need to distribute and manage a central database across the entire fleet or group of ships.

A key feature of Dualog® Drive is synchronising files and folders and automatically distributing them to a large fleet or group of ships. You can easily set up a sync task to include a single file, a single folder, or a complete folder structure as the source. Sources can be specified as local drives, a network drive, or even a cloud storage service* like Microsoft® Sharepoint. Changes in the source will automatically be replicated across all destinations. From the Drive dashboard, IT personnel and other stakeholders can easily drill down into any of your sync folders and ensure they are up-to-date across your fleet.

  • Source folder and destinations are defined
  • All data in the source folders are automatically copied to the destinations
  • Changes to content in the source folders will be automatically reflected in destination replicas

Send files

Files are transferred (moved) directly between one or more locations.
Move illustrasjon
  • PMS data
    Effortlessly set up an automatic transfer of your Planned Maintenance System's data
  • Software installers
    Transfer even large software installers and patches to your ships without worrying about file size restrictions.
  • Surveillance data
    Send close to real-time images from your ship's camera surveillance directly to headquarters.

Dualog® Drive simplifies the process of moving a single file or a large volume of files from one source to select destinations in an optimal way. Bandwidth restrictions will always play a part when you operate on the oceans, where satellite communication is often the only viable option. With Dualog® Drive, you can rest assured that files are handled most efficiently. Dualog® Drive uses a global deduplication method that identifies file patterns and treats them as chunks of data, effectively reducing data to be transferred. When working in low bandwidth conditions, this is a critical feature. We also use state-of-the-art compression to minimise file sizes. The ability to resume transfers is a necessity when working under challenging conditions.

  • Source folders and destinations are defined 
  • All files detected in the source folders are transferred to the destinations
  • Once transferred, the source files are deleted to save disk space

There's a benefit for every department

Broadly defined, the technical Department responsibilities are providing technical and operational guidance and support to the Shipmaster, as required. This typically involves marine inspection, survey and vetting of vessels, including performance and efficiency improvement, evaluation of operations and work processes on board, condition documentation, and follow up. Sharing current and up-to-date documentation and procedures is a key requirement, and gathering inspection data from onboard machinery, including IoT data, images, and video.
The Operations department in a shipping company typically handles all the necessary day-to-day activities for safe and efficient operations, acting as a liaison between the fleet and the company's shore operations. This means collaborating effectively with other departments and coordinating ships, ports, agents and charterers. Distributing POs, managing commercial documents, and updating cargo documentation is among typical tasks. Safe, trustworthy and efficient distribution of documents across a fleet of ships is critical.
In many shipping companies, the Safety Department's responsibility is to look over essential safety issues related to the ship and its crew's health as outlined in the International Safety Management (ISM) code. Providing up-to-date security documentation and ensuring that all personnel has access to security-related information is a key requirement. Sharing training videos and other training material across the fleet is a typical task handled by sending DVDs by courier. Moreover, gathering incident reports and data is essential for managing security from a fleet-wide perspective.

The Human Resources Department will provide personnel-focused services including training, performance appraisals, hiring, and compensation. Promoting a healthy work environment, ensure personnel safety, and manage the environmental footprint are typical goals. Dualog® Drive can assist with sharing training videos and other training material, updating safety documentation and HSE manuals, and distributing company bulletins and other company information.

The IT Department (if there is one) will focus on their domain and deal with the digital data-processing functions of the company. Supporting the different departments in their operations is also an essential requirement. With Dualog® Drive, vessel IT can easily transfer installers and system updates to ships with no hassle. Gone are the days of having the crewing department send a USB stick or other physical disk. Also, assisting other departments by creating a robust, safe, and easy-to-use system for collecting and distributing data and documents across the fleet is crucial.
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Key features


Full overview of all your transfers

The overview page quickly reveals all your Sync and Move tasks' status and immediately tells you if any ongoing transfer needs your attention.

It’s easy to gather insights on the total impact of data exchange between ship and shore, or spot abnormalities and other issues that require attention.

Drive monitoring


Drill down into the details

Look at relevant details like folder structure, file version history, and transfer progress with just a few clicks.

You can easily monitor the exact status of ongoing transfers or even look at the version history of your sync folders to find previous instances of transferred documents. 

Drive_Sync overview


Find exactly the file you are looking for

Quickly search through the history of all completed and ongoing transfers to find exactly the file you are looking for.

It's easy to filter on ship names, dates, file name, and version to find exactly the file that is requested, saving both time and stress.

Drive_Move overview


Distribute files directly from Microsoft® Sharepoint

Already have a lot of files stored in Microsoft Sharepoint? Don’t sweat it. We’ve prepared the system for easy integration*.

Typical land-based cloud storage solutions like Microsoft Sharepoint are not built for maritime. They are often complicated to configure and monitor when working with a fleet of ships, maritime-specific roles, and complex folder structures. The lack of proper data prioritisation and bandwidth optimisation can result in unexpected costs or even failure in operation.With SharePoint integrated with Dualog® Drive, you can enjoy simple sharing and seamless collaboration plus the power of a maritime-optimised data transfer tool.

* Currently, we support Microsoft® Sharepoint. Other services will be added according to customer demand.



Share Drive activity with the ShareView™ feature

There will always be someone looking for a file gone missing, or asking for the status of an ongoing transfer or whether the documentation is up to date. We've got a fix for that.

Easily enable others in your organisation to get a full overview of what's going on with their transfers by using the new ShareView™ feature. They don't have to log in to the Dualog Portal but will receive a link with a complete, up-to-date status. Easy, convenient, effectively reducing IT staff involvement.



Optimised for satellite

Cutting-edge transfer technology

Bandwidth restrictions will always play a part when you operate on the oceans where satellite communication is often the only viable option.
With Dualog® Drive, you can rest assured that files are handled in the most efficient manner. Dualog® Drive uses a global deduplication method where file patterns are identified and treated as chunks of data, effectively reducing the amount of data to be transferred. We also use state-of-the-art compression to minimise file sizes. The ability to resume transfers is a necessity when working under tough conditions.



No more failed updates

Keep your software up-to-date with OTA

Dualog® drive offers Advanced over-the-air (OTA) updates for easy management of software patches and upgrades

No more need for expensive service technicians or inexperienced users to perform the updates in person. Make sure that new functionality can deploy quickly across an entire fleet for stable data transfer operations.


A quick introduction to Dualog Drive

In less than 20 minutes, our product expert, Muhamad Sallehuddin, will tell you what it takes to get up and running with Dualog Drive and start distributing documents and data between ship and shore.

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Addressing both operational concerns, security and business challenges, the feature-set of Dualog® Drive
is designed to take the pain out of replicating files between ship and shore.


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