Dualog® Drive

Flexible file & folder synchronization for the maritime industry

Introducing Dualog® Drive - the flexible file and folder replication service, specifically designed for the complex needs of the shipping industry. Sync or move files or folders easily across the entire fleet.




Combining modern technology & Industrial know-how

Dualog® Drive is designed to tackle file move and synchronization across fleet and fleet groups on challenging bandwidth conditions. Whether you need to distribute files one-to-many or many-to-one, Dualog Drive is built to handle these challenges. As part of the Dualog Platform of maritime specific services, Dualog Drive adheres to the quality standards you should expect from a world leader in maritime data connectivity.


The Dualog® Drive Cloud helps optimise data volume and coordinate client activities

The installation process is easy and straightforward, and once the system is activated you are ready to sync or move your first folders or files.


Move or sync files and folders across the entire fleet

  • File and folder copy
  • One-way file and folder synchronisation
  • Move files to and from ships
  • Easily distribute files or folders to multiple destinations
  • Receive files from multiple sources
  • Flexible set up of file exchange tasks
  • Centralised configuration, monitoring and reporting
Dualog® Drive is more than just a simple file transfer. You can now easily synchronize files or folders from any shore location to an entire fleet or group of vessels, or from any vessel to shore. The system allows for example maintenance systems or other IoT-enabled devices to send status reports to shore-based personnel for review. One client can be set up to receive files or folders from multiple sources, effectively streamlining the process of managing complex reporting environments. Exchange tasks can be initialised, managed and monitored from the Dualog® Cloud Platform. Reporting tools add an extra level of control.

Efficient use of bandwith

  • Global deduplication optimises bandwidth usage
  • Only changes are sent
  • Pattern recognition across files
  • Compression
  • Resume on transfer interruptions 
Bandwidth restrictions will always place a part when you operate on the oceans where satellite is often the only viable option. With Dualog® Drive you can rest assured that files are handled in the most efficient manner. By utilising advanced byte pattern recognition, Dualog® Drive effectively eliminates redundant data to be transferred. We also use state-of-the-art compression to minimise file sizes. The ability to resume transfers is a necessity when working under tough conditions.


Set up the system in just a few, simple steps 

  • Easy to set up and distribute often used tasks
  • Wizard helps even unexperienced user’s add new tasks
  • Live monitoring
  • Gather insights through simple reports
Dualog® Drive is a breeze to install. Fleet-wide configuration makes it easy to set up and distribute often used tasks. Adding new move, sync or share tasks are easy, fast and straightforward, and wizards helps even unexperienced user’s through the process of setting up data exchange tasks. Administrators can use the live monitoring feature to have instant overview of data transfers. Reporting tools make it easy to gather insights on the total impact of data exchange between ship and shore, or spot abnormalities and other issues that requires attention. 


Security & encryption you can trust

  • Built-in encryption
  • Authentication of clients ensures data privacy
  • Apply policy templates across the entire fleet
  • Files are stored in a fully redundant tier 3 data centre 
Dualog® Drive features a built-in end-to-end encryption that safeguards confidential documents and files from unauthorised access. Industry-level authentication of clients ensures data privacy. Furthermore, admins can create and apply policy templates across entire fleet, ship group, ship and even down to each individual user. Files are stored by Dualog® Cloud in a fully redundant tier 3 data centre with an uptime of 99.9 %*.


The Dualog® Drive protocol optimizes data traffic by knowing what data already exist on clients and server

Dualog® Drive uses a global deduplication method where file patterns are identified and treated as chunks of data, effectively reducing the amount of data to be transferred. When working in low bandwidth conditions, this is a critical feature.

Good things ahead

Dualog® Drive will continue to expand its offering in the coming months, and new features will become available already in the next major release planned for March 2019. 

Why don’t you find out first hand? Give Dualog® Drive a testdrive today.

We are confident that Dualog® Drive will prove its worth in many use cases where you need to make sure that files are moved or synced between ship and shore or across entire fleet or fleet groups. For some, even the ability to allow third-party vendors to update software or sync settings can reduce time and effort significantly. Contact us today to learn more, or sign up for early access today.