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Dualog® Endpoint is powered by the award-winning ESET® Endpoint Security™ solution and offers advanced automated threat detection and response against an ever-growing variety of dangers that can hit your ships. It is a security solution deployed on company devices to prevent cyber attacks, detect malicious activity and provide instant remediation capabilities for vessel IT administrators and ship safety officers.

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Reduced risk of cyber-attacks

  • Fleet-wide anti-virus and anti-malware protection
  • Protect crew, assets and operations from malicious attacks

Improved security reporting 

  • Better security analytics
  • Enable quality security reporting
  • IMO2021 compliance

Simplified security management 

  • Streamlined installation on any onboard ICT network
  • OTA updates of antivirus patterns and engine
  • Full fleet overview from central console
The truth is that almost every shipping company will be breached at one point. When this happens, endpoint protection will have failed. Business resilience and continuity rely on endpoint detection and response. You need to know where attacks occur and how to recover when the worst happens.

With Dualog Endpoint, we have expanded the capabilities of typical off-the-shelf antivirus solutions and added features and optimisations built with marine operations in mind. Lightweight installation and fleet-wide updates ensure continuous protection of all onboard Internet-enabled endpoints, including stationary computers, crew laptops and smart devices. Modern methods like machine learning and AI capabilities provide highly tuned endpoint protection that maximises performance and effectiveness. Vessel IT administrators have easy access to fleet status to ensure protection measures are in place.


Key features:
  • Streamlined, intelligent installation procedure optimised for marine fleet networks.
  • Reliable onboard protection against viruses and malware, including ransomware, worms, trojans, spyware, potentially unwanted apps, phishing, adware, fileless attacks and other persistent threats.
  • Restrict, control and block USB devices & peripheral ports. 
  • Continous protection with over-the-air (OTA) antivirus pattern updates with low data usage.
  • Complete admin overview in the Dualog Portal.

Key features

Advanced antivirus and antimalware protection

Protect your crew and your assets with a multi-layered defence against malicious attacks

A modern endpoint solution must bring a comprehensive toolbox. Dualog Endpoint will protect against ransomware, block targeted attacks and prevent data breaches. Dualog Endpoint will detect advanced persistent threats and help ensure mobile protection to protect crew devices. Even fileless attacks are covered.  



Super-easy roll-out

Lightweight installation and performance optimised for maritime operations

Local server
Bandwidth optimisation
Local network intelligence



Automatic, self-adjusting config

Intelligent placement of endpoint server components for optimal performance

No network is alike, and no ship IT setup is the same. We've designed Dualog Endpoint to automatically scan the local network and decide the optimal placement of server components to receive pattern files and updates, saving you time and trouble.


Always up-to-date protection

Over the Air (OTA) antivirus pattern updates with minimal data usage.

Keeping AV patterns and engines up-to-date on satellite links can be a challenge. Dualog Endpoint utilises the robust OTA capabilities of the Dualog Link platform to minimise bandwidth impact and ensure timely updates. Vessel IT can easily track status in the Endpoint console in the Dualog Portal.



A complete overview

Fleet security status at your fingertips

All endpoints, including laptops and mobiles, can be managed from our cloud-based management console in the Dualog Portal. For further overview, status can be grouped by ship, ship groups, or device type, e.g. bridge computer.



Facilitate quality security reporting and compliance

Build reports for the major regulatory mandates such as PCI-DSS, ISO 27001 and NIST based on fleetwide endpoint data to help you adhere to class guidelines.


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