Dualog® Endpoint

Powerful, multi-layered security. 
Made for shipping

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Powered by award winning ESET Endpoint
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Purpose built for shipping

Dualog® Endpoint gives you complete control of your ship`s cybersecurity. It is powered by the award-winning ESET Endpoint, and offers advanced threat detection and response. There is an ever-growing variety of dangers that can target your ships, therefore it is critical to keep your cybersecurity up to date. 


Reduced risk of cyber-attacks

  • Fleet-wide antivirus and malware protection
  • Protect crew, assets and operations from attacks

Improved security reporting

  • Attention required report
  • Detection report
  • IMO2021 compliance

Simplified management

  • OTA updates 
  • Reduced bandwidth usage 
  • Full fleet overview from the Dualog Portal


Key Features

  • Multi-layered defence

  • Easy configuration

  • Always up-to-date protection

  • Customizable


Protect your crew and your assets with a multi-layered defense

The maritime industry needs more than an off-the-shelf antivirus solution. Dualog Endpoint provides a purpose-built solution that resolves industry-specific issues.

Dualog Endpoint offers advanced malware protection that is designed to provide robust security for ships of all sizes. With its comprehensive set of features, Dualog Endpoint can protect your computers from a wide range of cyber threats, including viruses, malware, spyware, and ransomware.

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Easy configuration

In addition to its comprehensive security features, Dualog Endpoint is also designed to be simple to deploy and easy to administer. The solution offers a small footprint, allowing it to run smoothly also on older systems with limited resources. Dualog Endpoint can be deployed quickly and easily using the Dualog Link Platform, offering remote deployment and cloud-based management. 




Over the Air (OTA) deployment and updates with minimal data usage

Keeping your systems up to date has always been challenging for the maritime industry. Ships are constantly moving from port to port and bandwidth is often limited. This is one of the industry specific challenges that Dualog Endpoint resolves. By analyzing the on-board network Dualog Endpoint can automatically configure a caching proxy to download updates to one location - and distribute it from there to other devices. If this cache goes offline, the system automatically appoints another - ensuring there is no single point of failure. 


Tailored to your needs

All endpoints can be managed from our cloud-based console in the Dualog Portal. The set-up can easily be tailored to your specific needs and you will have complete control of every ship according your chosen fleet structure. 

Manage features like flexible configuration options of fleet structure,  remote control, trusted networks, tags, and more. 


The Dualog Portal 

The Dualog Portal offers a suite of remote control features.  The fleet can for example be grouped by different criteria, such as ship, ship groups, or device types like bridge computers. This feature enhances your fleet management capabilities, enabling you to monitor and control operations more effectively.

Another feature of the Dualog Portal is the trusted networks functionality. Networks can be created and designated as trusted with ease. Even more impressively, the service also allows for remote control of devices, enabling tasks such as system restarts or Windows updates to be conducted on any ship computer, all from the comfort of your land-based office.


Did you know that on average, ships face 450 cyber attacks every month? 

This alarming statistic highlights the need for robust cybersecurity measures on ships. Once Dualog Endpoint is activated it offers highly advanced malware protection. The service is designed to provide robust security for ships of all sizes. 

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