Dualog® File Transfer

Automatic file transfer

Easy, email-based file exchange between applications 

Dualog® File Transfer allows automatic email-based file transfer between ship and shore regardless of the ship’s communication equipment. Manage configurations from the office with changes distributed and implemented across your fleet automatically.

PRODUCT: File Transfer

Full control with end-to-end file transfer

Experience full control of file delivery through the administrative interface with optional email notifications in case of delays or incidents. End-to-end file transfer between folders on the ship and folders in the office is easily managed using the File Transfer office client.



Works regardless of communication carriers
Set file size limits and prioritise carriers to minimise cost
End-to-end file transfer

Automated, end-to-end email-based file transfer between folders on the ship and folders in the office

Fleet-wide configuration

Fleet-wide configuration from shore through the cloud-based administrative interface

Comprehensive reporting of file delivery
Automatic email notifications in case of delivery problems


Full control of data flow between ship and shore
Utilise existing connectivity infrastructure
Reduced IT staff workload
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