Dualog® Network Control

Ensuring optimal data traffic at sea

Prioritise and optimise
data traffic on satellites

Ship-shore connectivity can be utterly sophisticated with a wide range of carrier technologies and providers offering bandwidth at various speed and price models. Dualog® Network Control is an easy to implement SaaS firewall and router, ensuring optimal data traffic between ship and shore regardless of communication equipment on board.
The result? Optimal use of your connectivity with complete control over costs — and the freedom to choose the best airtime package available.


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Hardened security

Reduce cybersecurity risks with separate networks

Dualog Network Control allows IT-administrators to manage separate networks, e.g. crew, administrative and operational. Such network separation dramatically reduces the possible impact of cyber incidents and breaches.

The service allows to set and manage rules to block, restrict or allow different IP-based services such as email, web browsing, instant messaging, VoIP and file downloads. You can also control access and usage rights per network, computer, user group or individual user on the ship. Administrators can also set whitelists/blacklists to block specific network traffic, ultimately reducing the exposure to undesirable or risky internet services.


Automatic failover

Seamless ship-to-shore communications

From transmitting inter-fleet data and communications to providing crew comfort, accessible connectivity is imperative in the ever-expanding maritime industry. However, the dismal nature of ship-to-shore communications has frequently left maritime operators at a communications disadvantage.

Offshore operators have relegated to use satellite communications, which traditionally has been an expensive, low-bandwidth and unreliable form of connectivity that handicapped effective ship-to-shore communications due to its frequent timeouts, lost signals, and loading failures.

To the rescue comes the power of Dualog Network Control and its automatic failover feature that automatically chose the best and most appropriate carrier available, seamlessly switching between telecommunication equipment with fleet-wide prioritisation, near-zero latency and smart QoS functionality. 


Cost control

Route network traffic to the most suitable carrier

Cost is always an issue, and certainly when it comes to ship-shore communications. Dualog Network Control let you configure the system with advanced options for choosing which carrier should be available based on, e.g. priority and cost. Administrators can also block or restrict access to different IP-based services to ensure traffic according to company policy.

And the best part? When first set up, the system will deliver results without the need for manual processes, reducing IT-staff workload drastically.


Main Features

Automatic failover between any IP-based carrier
Easy management of separate networks
Least cost routing

advanced options for choosing service based on priority, price, time of day

Fleet-wide configuration from shore through the cloud-based administrative interface
Set whitelists/blacklists
Set and manage rules to block, restrict or allow different IP-based services

such as email, web browsing, instant messaging, VoIP, file downloads and FTP, per network, computer, user group or individual user

Main benefits

Full control of routing on all ships
Avoid unnecessary downtime on ship-shore connectivity
Ensure seamless operations with company-specific traffic prioritisation
Reduce costs by smart prioritising of carriers
Improve security with the centralised configuration of rules and traffic management for different types of networks
Reduce IT staff workload
Avoid buying additional router hardware
Avoid lock-in to specific airtime or hardware vendors

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