Dualog® Quota Management

Take control

Simplified quota management

Dualog® Quota enables shipping companies to offer internet to the crew in a controllable manner. The service will help shape traffic according to company policy, ensure cost control and assure fair usage distribution. Paired with the free and award-winning CrewConnection™ App, seafarers gain full control of their data usage.


Bandwidth at sea is limited and relatively expensive. The system tracks each seafarer’s usage and provides administrators with a complete overview from shore. The service allows managers (or the Master) to allocate a certain amount of free surfing data to everyone on board, and then grant or sell additional access if required. Rightly designed, the service can help ensure an optimal balance between crewing and business needs.

Dualog Quota

Easy internet access for crew

Ensure fair internet usage to seafarers

The modern seafarer expects access to internet services to stay up to date with current events and to stay in touch with family and friends back home. Paired with the award-winning CrewConnection™ App, you ensure a transparent and fair system where the individual crew member can keep track of their data allowance directly on their device. 

Track data usage

Many devices? No problem.

It’s not unusual today to have seafarers bring along several devices, e.g. smartphone, tablet or a laptop. This is no problem as Dualog Quota tracks data usage across single and multiple devices and shows remaining allowance.

Easy to buy - easy to sell

Internet access is a valuable asset. Make sure you manage quota in the best possible way.

Dualog Quota provides a self-service mechanism that makes it easy for seafarers to purchase more data if they want. If users are to pay for usage, then necessary information is available for deductions from salary, e.g. using the - slop chest method. 

Strike the right balance

Business or pleasure? Say yes to both.

Dualog Quota makes it easy to allocate internet quota per user via a central web-based admin tool, either based on volume, time or with allowance set per day, week or month. 

This type of control not only helps the most eager seafarers from using up the entire bandwidth available to them right away, but it will also help secure the right balance between business needs and crew welfare needs.


  • Allocate internet access/quota per user via a central web-based admin tool
    • based on volume
    • based on day/week/month  
  • Sell internet access/quota
    • create a price list
    • sell per hour per day 
  • Users control their usage through CrewConnection App or Dualog portal onboard
  • Users can easily keep track of data usage on all their devices
  • Administrators can set a time limit for internet access per user or user group
  • The administrative tool offers a complete overview of usage status



  • For crew: Easy internet access when onboard based on company standards
  • For IT admin: Easy to grant internet access and manage traffic
  • Balance total volume between business and social/crew 
  • Control total traffic
  • Fair usage distribution
  • Shape traffic and reduce the use of Internet services when the crew are off duty (to sleep or relax or social)
  • Ensure business-critical systems are not affected
  • The company can redeem costs for additional internet usage/data volume
  • Use costs to shape traffic

Main features

Independent of airtime vendors
Self-service volume purchase for users
Free quota options
Usage is synchronised at dualog.net
Usage may be paid via the slop chest system
ICT as a value driver