Dualog develops and sells maritime-optimised Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and On-Premise ICT solutions that help shipping companies better integrate their ships with shore operations. To learn more about how our solutions help our customers establish strategic digital leadership and become more efficient, competitive, and compliant in all aspects of their business, click below.

Email is essential to modern businesses.

  • Professional email built for maritime operations
  • In-depth reports and real-time overview
  • Private or company branded email accounts for crew

In today’s world, Internet access for your IT and OT systems is central to modern business. 

  • Administer quota
  • Separate networks
  • Better web experience

Collect and distribute data across fleet or ship groups.

  • Simplify setup of complex file transfer tasks
  • Secure data flow
  • Full control of your data transfer activities in the cloud

With modern tools and always-on operations comes modern threats. 

  • Detect & Protect
  • Scan your IT environment
  • Reduce unwanted data traffic