Data Transfer

Advanced maritime file transfer solutions

The need to safely collect and distribute data across fleet or ship groups is vital to get the most out of modern systems, due to the increasing number of sensors and applications onboard ships and stricter reporting requirements. From the fleet-wide distribution of documentation to the collection of logs and sensor data from ships, our services can help tackle your data replication needs securely and efficiently.  

Configure data flow easily

Simplify setup of complex file transfer tasks

Frequently used data transfer tasks can be completed with minimal effort thanks to our unique templating tool that simplifies setup, even for complex environments in a large fleet with multiple systems. Create move or sync tasks once and use the template to reduce IT staff workload significantly.  

Adding ships to one or multiple tasks cant be easier just add them to the selected ship group, and data will start flowing in a few minutes. 


Maritime optimised solutions

Big files, small files, thousands of files. No problem.

Our services are designed to make efficient use of your ship-shore bandwidth capacity. Smaller files and simple one-to-one file transfers are effectively and securely handled through trusted protocols, ensuring automatic file transfer regardless of communication system. With new IOT devices and modern IT and OT systems requiring more data transfer capacity and more fine-tuned setups, our services have evolved accordingly.

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Secure data flow

Keep your data safe

Our services are built with security in mind. Built-in encryption safeguards confidential documents and files from unauthorised access. Authentication of clients ensures data privacy so that you can rest assure that data flow is secure.

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Full control

Are you up to date?

Our service securely stores details on all data transfer activities in the cloud. Utilise our web interface to gain full control of every single data transfer. Who has received the updated security documents? How much data have different ships generated? On what carrier? Our customer portal provides you with the essential reporting tools to have you write yours in a breeze. 


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