Maritime Email

Get a robust email system with multi-layered security

Maritime e-mail has never been this convenient, robust and secure. Take your ship-shore communication to a new professional level with an elegant user interface, fleet-wide configuration and the best-of-breed multi-layered security. Your email will be scanned through the most secure filters to ensure they do not pose any threat to your cybersecurity. 

Made for business

Professional email built for maritime operations

Our email service is built with versatility, robustness, and cost-efficiency in mind. The solution transfers emails regardless of communication system available on the ship. It’s easy to set rules for which user should have priority, ensuring that business-critical email will always make it to shore.

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Professional and scalable

Branded email addresses

Look professional with standardised email addresses for all employees. Enjoy unlimited number of e-mail accounts per fleet. 


Full control

In-depth reports and real-time overview

The ship software may be configured from the company office, and a web portal gives complete historical access to all communication sessions and message transactions. Management reports give an in-depth overview of the fleet status and helps companies make qualified decisions based on real-time data. 


Crew mail at their fingertips

Business email accounts for crew

Our crew email system is tailored for maritime use, providing private email accounts for crew members regardless of the communication equipment onboard. Crew details are updated and distributed automatically from your crew management system. Email is globally available regardless of location, even when off hire or if transferred to another ship. Messages are only sent to the ship if the crew member is registered on board, minimising the impact of crew-related data traffic. 


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