Internet Management

For better business and happy crew

In today’s world, Internet access for your IT and OT systems is central to modern business. Dualog’s range of services let you administer quota and optimise the use of bandwidth capacity to get the most of your vessel IT investments.
Enjoy automatic failover so that you are always online and create rules to what type of Internet access is allowed on different carriers. Offer Internet to the crew by allocating a certain amount of surfing data each month to everyone onboard. Prioritise business critical operations while giving the crew their fair share. Configurations are easily managed across groups of ships or your whole fleet.

Administer quota

Allocate or sell data to crew

Bandwidth at sea can be expensive. Now you can offer Internet to the crew within controlled frames and with a minimal amount of effort. Allocate a certain amount of free surfing data each month to everyone on board, and then let the crew purchase more if they want. Our service tracks each seafarer’s usage to ensure the vessel stays within limits. Allow the Master to allot quota or even let the users themselves ask for more data by using the award-winning Crew Connection app. 


Separate networks

Business or pleasure?

Administer rules for separate networks – eg. for business and personal traffic, to add an extra layer of security and safeguard business critical computers. Shape traffic to ensure business critical data gets priority. 


Better web experience

Bandwidth optimisation

Experience faster web surfing at sea. With Dualog on board you get caching that effectively prevents data from being downloaded multiple times and can save up to 30 percent of bandwidth. Text and image compression along with removal of ads, video and more can speed up your browsing experience drastically. Users can easily keep track of their internet usage through the award-winning Crew Connection app. 


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