Dualog® Web4Sea

Internet optimisation for seafarers

Dualog® Web4Sea provides improved on board user experience when accessing the Internet, utilises the ship’s bandwidth and ensures business traffic priority. Dualog® Web4Sea is probably the most powerful and effective tool on the market for solving Internet congestion problems at sea.

Dualog® Web4Sea is designed to optimise the use of available bandwidth and control costs related to Internet browsing. Through Category Filter, address blocking, traffic shaping, access control, and extensive use of caching, Dualog® Web4Sea enables faster browsing and direct control over cost, content and usage. Automatic Web content compression with image size reduction options up to 90%.

With Dualog® Web4Sea you can access data regarding: Hits per domain, internet usage per user, internet usage per communication system etc. etc. Fleet-wide configuration enables a single policy for all ships.


Customer Values - Brief Summary
  • Use less to achieve more

  • The best maritime Internet experience

  • Faster surfing experience


Main Features
  • Web page caching (preventing data being downloaded multiple times – typically saving around 30 %)

  • Text compression and Image compression / reduction (up to 90%)

  • URL white listing / black listing

  • MIME type blocking / filtering

  • Removal (ads, video, bit-torrent, Flash etc.)

  • Address blocking (e.g. advertisement removal etc.)

  • Content type bandwidth allocation

  • User priority and access rights

  • Category content filtering (configurable)