Why choose Dualog?

Implementing Dualog’s maritime-optimised services is a strategic decision to maximise the business value of integrating your ships’ IT environment with shore operations – with low up-front costs and minimal risk. User-friendly and easy to navigate, the Dualog solution combines comprehensive functionality with straightforward configuration and reliable operation.

The Dualog solution will help your shipping company meet new requirements, achieve better operational performance, and take advantage of business opportunities offered by digitalisation.

Always online - always in business

We ensure uninterrupted flow of business traffic

Maritime shipping depends on secure and trustworthy flow of information and data. Dualog continuously develops robust, cyber-secure services that simplify, streamline and safeguard your digital shipping operations and provide a continuous link between ship and shore.


Ensured continuity of operations

We protect your vessel IT from cyber threats

The new maritime cyber threat reality requires cybersecurity to underpin vessel safety and security risk management.

Multilayered cybersecurity is embedded within all Dualog’s services. We help you take the necessary steps to safeguard your fleet from threats and vulnerabilities related to maritime digitalisation.


IMO 2021 and the NIST framework

We help you become cybersecurity compliant

From 2021 onwards, IMO requires cyber risk management to be incorporated into ship safety management systems.

By solidifying your onboard digital security, we can move you towards the cybersecurity certifications you need to be IMO compliant.


Enhanced business opportunities

We help you tackle your company’s biggest challenges

Dualog is founded on the DNA of ‘Innovations at Sea, Delivered with Passion’. From day one, we have built our reputation as a company ready and able to meet any digital challenge a shipping company faces in day-to-day operations. No matter what your challenges are, our solution-oriented teams will help you solve them.


The value of an independent provider

We enable you with strategic flexibility

All Dualog services are entirely independent of airtime deals, onboard satellite equipment, specific computer hardware or third-party software. We give you the strategic flexibility to at all times choose the line of products, services and solutions best suited for current and future needs. You avoid being locked in to only one vendor’s product selection and pricing.


The strategic partner to enable your digital ship

We bring three decades of experience in maritime software

Dualog has been at the helm of digital solutions for maritime shipping since we founded our company in 1994. This means we know the ins and outs of the industry, and we are fluent in what a vessel must do to derive maximum value from its networks and systems.



Choosing Dualog will ensure optimised use of your communication infrastructure, adding real business value. 


Our services, purpose-built to overcome the challenges of vessel connectivity, will help you establish a strategic digital leadership and become more efficient, competitive and compliant in all aspects of your business.


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